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Michael Bublé is Studying Simon Cowell Before ‘DWTS’ Guest Judge Appearance

Michael Buble presents his new album in Madrid, SpainPhoto by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

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Four-time Grammy Award winner Michael Bublé reveals his excitement over the next Dancing With the Stars theme, Michael Bublé night. In the upcoming episode, the international star will join the judging panel, while the celebrities and professional dancers perform to his songs.

Michael Bublé Prepares for Dancing With the Stars by Watching Simon Cowell, Judge Judy

Bublé was recently featured as a guest on Good Morning America, where he talked about his family and upcoming week on DWTS. After talking about the arrival of his fourth child, he shared his excitement for the upcoming DWTS theme.

“Finally! Finally a Michael Bublé week. How long did that have to take?” Bublé said.

He reveals his anticipation for the next episode and even joked that he’s prepared by watching Simon Cowell and Judge Judy. Unlike the mentioned people though, Bublé claims that he’s not in any position to critique the dances he’ll be seeing.

He acknowledges his inexperience with dancing and plans to stay humble during his guest panel experience. The singer holds great respect and admiration for people that can dance, saying that he’s going to be as nice and empathetic as possible.

The celebrities and professional dancers of the show give new meaning to Bublé and his music. The singer is looking forward to seeing a pair dancing to his song “Higher,” which is the title track of his latest album.

While on the topic, Bublé also shared how excited he is to work with Derek Hough. For those who may have missed it, the theme night was brought to light due to a conversation between the two. Bublé did nothing but praise his friend on the show.


Bublé’s Music May Have an Impact On the Performances

While talking about music, Bublé clarified that each of his songs are danceable. He wants to create music that dancers can easily move to. The singer wants the dance community to be able to perform to his music and this night will ultimately prove that.

Songs like “It’s a Beautiful Day,” and “Higher,” perfectly fit the traditional ballroom dance, but others may not. The impact of his songs may change the routine for the better, making Bublé night truly unlike any other.

We’re interested to see how the contestants will dance to the traditional ballroom tunes. The celebrities have learned to ballroom dance for various weeks, so we’re sure there will be more great performances next week.

Michael Bublé night of Dancing With the Stars airs live on Disney+ on Monday, October 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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