How Meghan Trainor Named ‘The Four’

When you look at the panel of judges on The Four: Battle for Stardom, one of them stands out. Not so much for what she does as what she doesn’t do. DJ Khaled and Diddy are always saying controversial things, sometimes loudly, and Charlie Walk can be somewhat mean. Then you have Meghan Trainor. Not only is she the nicest judge, she’s also the most quiet. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing. According to Meghan, she came up with what makes the show different.

What The Four Wanted?

One thing that The Four wanted to do from the beginning to set itself apart from the other singing shows was to produce a real star. But how? It seems that when Meghan went in for early meetings the show wasn’t structured nor did they know the rules. Then Meghan suggested,

“I was really excited to do this because I was a part of the very first meetings, and I remember they didn’t have all the rules down yet. I don’t know if I technically created the show, but I told them, “You should make this one different. You should give them a real reward, not just a bunch of money and bye, see you never again. You should give them a record deal and you should promise they’ll be on the radio, and you should give them a songwriter and a producer.” I was like, “Even if you don’t pick me, pick Ryan Tedder, pick a good songwriter out there that will help this artist blow up,” and then, they picked me and I was stoked.”

Besides the wacky, fast-paced format, the fact that whoever wins has not only the four judges and a Republic Records contract but also iHeartMedia behind them is going to make them a star. Unlike other shows where the winner is forgotten after a week, they could really pull of making an international star. Way to go, Meghan.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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