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‘The Masked Singer’ Week 2 Recap: Six New Singers Perform!

Masked Singer Recap Week 2Michael Becker / Fox

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Last week, America went crazy watching FOX’s newest singing competition show, The Masked Singer. Well we’re back for another week of exciting performances and shot-in-the-dark guesses! But six new performers take the stage this time around. We have the Rabbit, Alien, Raven, Pineapple, Poodle, and Bee up to sing.

But which celebrities are behind the masks? Here are the hints and first performances from Week 2 of The Masked Singer!


The Rabbit

Strength: Quick Footed

Clues & Performance: In the clues, the Rabbit says he spent most of his life on stage but never alone. He “pops up here and there.” He says he does synchronized singing and has been training for this his entire life. He’s performed on stage, in a mask, and has a voice. He then said “the last mask standing, it’s gonna be me.” The Rabbit sang “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin for his first performance. But a much more twisted, unhappy version. He was actually pretty talented though! And he said he is “in a band” after the performance.

Judge’s Guesses: Boyz II Men member; another boy band member like Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, or Justin Timberlake; Criss Angel, Jake Gyllenhaal (or another annoying method actor).

Our Best Guess: Lance Bass


The Alien

Strength: Comes in Peace

Clues & Performance: The Alien starts with the fact that anonymity is an “alien” concept to her family. She grew up in public eye and let others define her. But she says no one will ever control her again! And “for the first time ever, the world gets to hear MY voice on MY terms.” The Alien chose “Feel It Still” by Portugal. the Man for her first song. She didn’t have a super strong voice but it definitely wasn’t bad! Not out of this world either. After the performance, the Alien said she has “many sisters.”

Judge’s Guesses: Britney Spears, one of the Spice Girls, Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian

Our Best Guess: LaToya Jackson


The Raven

Strength: Empathetic

Clues & Performance: The Raven states that “all my life I’ve listened to other people’s stories.” She claims to have always been a sunny person and an audience is something she has no trouble attaining. “No one talks more than me.” She recently suffered a tragic loss though and is hoping to find beauty in the darkness. The Raven compares herself to a phoenix from the ashes. She ends by saying, “Don’t cry, baby. This one’s for you.” For her first performance, the Raven sang “Rainbow” by Kesha. The performance was just okay but you could tell it was emotional for her. After it, she said she’s a lover, not a fighter and that she has hosted a talk show.

Judge’s Guesses: Sherri Shepherd, Sally Jesse Raphael, Star Jones

Our Best Guess: Ricki Lake


The Pineapple

Weakness: Ripens quickly

Clues & Performance: The Pineapple is fun, tropical, and goes well with ham. He has gone through some dark times when he beat a life-threatening disease. But he never wiped the smile off his face! He’s been in the public eye for decades and considers himself an “OG.” The shot then shows Michigan plates and a bumper sticker that says “PIPE DREAM.” He then says “seize the day before your dreams go up in smoke.” The Pineapple then sang “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. He has a raspy voice and while it was entertaining, it wasn’t pitch perfect. He was having fun with it though!

Judge’s Guesses: Matthew McConaughey, Adam Sandler, Willie Nelson, Cheech or Chong, Barack Obama

Our Best Guesses: Ceech or Chong…we actually agree with Jenny here!


The Poodle

Strength: Highly Intelligent

Clues & Performance: The Poodle says ever since she was a little girl, she loved to be on stage and in character. She’s sassy, smart and best in show! The shot then brings up a Golden Gate Bridge behind her. The Poodle says she comes from a musical family but is known for a different talent. “415, stand up!” She spent her career exercising her right to free speech, but it’s time for her to return to her musical roots. To figure me out, you’re going to have to WOOOORK,” she closed. The Poodle sings “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar. She had great energy and worked the stage. When asked for another clue, she says “I’m here for your honor.”

Judge’s Guesses: RuPaul, Ali Wong, Richard Simmons, Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Our Best Guesses: Margaret Cho or Maya Rudolph


The Bee

Strength: Hard Worker

Clues & Performance: The Bee says in her long career, she’s flied to soaring heights. Being a worker bee keeps her young! She says, “you can call her Queen Bee but empress also suits me.” The Bee is looking forward to singing to a new generation. She wants to see if she still has what it takes! The Bee tackled a hard song, singing “Chandelier” by Sia. And honestly, she created a lot of buzz with how good it was! The Bee sounded amazing! She then revealed she started singing in the ’50s. It’s insane that this performer has to be in at least her 60’s!

Judge’s Guesses: Mary J. Blige, Diana Ross, Lil Kim, Dionna Warwick

Our Best Guess: Gladys Knight


A Singer is Unmasked

After the three matchups, the Pineapple, , and were up for elimination. And the judges chose the Pineapple. He took off his mask to reveal…comedian Tommy Chong! That means we had the first correct guess of the season! Jenny McCarthy said she thought it was Tommy Chong after her performance! Well done, Jenny! But did you guess correctly too?

The Masked Singer will return again next Wednesday at 9:00ET/8:00CT on FOX. And you won’t want to miss the next big reveal!

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