‘The Masked Singer’ Semifinals Recap + TWO Big Reveals!

Kyle Montplaisir
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It’s Semifinals week on The Masked Singer! With only five celebrities left to reveal, the Peacock, Monster, Lion, Rabbit, and Bee are left to fight for their spot in the Finale. And tonight, TWO singers will be unmasked!

On top of all that, Kenan Thompson from SNL will be joining the judging panel! Let’s take a look at how it all went down.


The Peacock

Clues: The Peacock starts on a couch talking to a therapist. He says “things are not good” as he floats above the couch. The Peacock goes on to say he hates to let his “soldiers of affection” down. He prides himself on being the brightest, most well-rounded performer of his flock. The Peacock says he wants to be “the idol that they all deserve.” He closes out the clues by saying, “after all, it had to be you.”

Performance: To start the night, the Peacock chose “Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris, feat. Ne-Yo. His voice sounded oddly…auto-tuned? But it was definitely exciting and high energy. We even got to see him work the crowd!

Judges’ Guesses: Clay Aiken, Harry Connick Jr., Weird Al, Neil Patrick Harris


The Monster

Clues: The Monster kicks off by saying he’s “never cared about the rules of the game.” He learned the hard way that it only takes one slip to lose your place in the world. The Monster has been “vilified and persecuted for sounding like a ringtone.” Putting on a front made him angry, but after some soul searching, he was ready for something new. He said this has finally brought him the comeback he’s been wanting for a decade.

Performance: The Monster slowed things down this week, singing “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. And he honestly crushed it! I feel like he put so much heart into the song and hit every note perfectly. Wearing a suit, he serenaded the audience. By the end of his performance, they were chanting his name. And I can’t blame them!

Judges’ Guesses: Jamie Foxx, Calvin Harris, Darius Rucker, CeeLo Green


The Lion

Clues: The Lion says she just wants to be heard, not as the child of her parents or the empire she was born into. A man is seen holding the “GOLD FOUND IN HAILEY” newspaper again and we see a USC flag on a plant. She says she’s multi-dimensional. The Lion says she’s fiercely independent and holds out a lizard. She closes by saying, “us girls, we run the world. And tonight, you better hold on.”

Performance: The Lion sang “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder. It wasn’t her best performance but she still showcased stellar vocals. And some of those runs were INSANE! She definitely has range and showmanship. The Lion ends the performance on an impressive high note too.

Judges’ Guesses: Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, En Vouge, TLC, Fergie, Wilson Phillips, Hailee Steinfeld


The Rabbit

Clues: The Rabbit says whenever he feels a lot of pressure, he “packs up the entire family and heads to the great outdoors.” They hike through the mountains going “step-by-step.” He goes on to say he goes fishing for tuna, or as he likes to call it, “Chicken of the Sea.” After “trashing the camp,” he has to dig deep. The Rabbit wants to win this!

Performance: The Rabbit chose “My Girl” by The Temptations for his Semifinals performance. For once, he kept the song pretty true to the original too! And it really allowed his voice to be the highlight. The best part, though, were the holograms of the female contestants on The Masked Singer. What a great little moment!

Judges’ Guesses: Nick Lachey, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey Fatone, Kevin Richardson


The Bee

Clues: The Bee says that some of the panel is convinced she’s “the queen of the Pips,” but she’s been giving mixed messages. She is seen in a kitchen eating a peach. The Bee then says, “no one makes a peach cobbler quite like mine.” But after all these years, she’s hoping her Grammys voice leads her to the Finals. A train with “SANTA FE” written on it is shown. The Bee closes by mentioning Aretha Franklin is a friend of hers.

Performance: To finish the Semifinals, the Bee sang “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. This was honestly the best performance we’ve seen all season, in my opinion. She hits every note and just lets her voice shine. No fancy staging or over-the-top choreography, just pure, raw talent. This is not an easy song to sing either! The judges even bow down to her after her performance.

Judges’ Guesses: Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker

The Lion is Unmasked

The first reveal of the night was none other than the Lion. This is honestly SHOCKING! I thought for sure she’d make it to the Finals. She brought it week after week, but unfortunately, she won’t make it past the Semifinals. The judges then put in their final guesses. Jenny guessed Kelly Rowland and Kenan later agreed with her. Nicole guessed Hailee Steinfeld. Ken went with Dawn Robinson from En Vouge. And finally, Robin kept his guess with Michelle Williams.

Once her mask was taken off, the Lion was revealed to be…Rumer Willis! The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer is a singer and actress, most well-known for her roles on Broadway and on Empire.

Revealing the Rabbit

The second reveal tonight was the Rabbit. He was great throughout the season, but this did feel like the time for him to go home. For the final guesses, Kenan guessed Nick Lachey. Then, Ken went with Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys. Robin guessed Joey Fatone and Nicole agreed. Jenny said she has thought it was Joey before, but she was going with Donnie Wahlberg.

After the final guesses, the Rabbit was unmasked and it was…Joey Fatone from *NSYNC! That means both Robin and Nicole were right this time around.

Next week, the final 3 will perform for their shot at victory! The Masked Singer continues Wednesday at 9pm on FOX.

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