Alfredo Silva: Three-Time Golden Buzzer Recipient and ‘AGT: Extreme’ Champion

Corey Cesare
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It’s no secret that Alfredo Silva has become one of the biggest names in the Got Talent danger category. The showman himself has made his way back to AGT for the newest spin off series, AGT: Extreme. Silva has accomplished a lot, so let’s dive into it.

This contestant is living out his family legacy as a sixth generation performer. Before ever hitting the Got Talent Stage, he studied magic, juggling, and even Globe of Death. At only 12 years old, he began throwing knives at his family circus in Brazil.

Deadly Games Auditions for America’s Got Talent

In 2016, Silva took to the stage with his dancer/choreographer wife, Anna Silva, as the danger duo Deadly Games. Before their time on stage they had been married for two years. Silva’s wife agreed to be apart of his knife throwing act to combine their passions. Their act was portrayed as a mix of both romance and fear.

Their AGT audition consisted of Silva throwing knives in the direction of his wife. With each of her moves, the knives would land on the wall behind her. Their act terrified the audience and kept them wanting more. The duo was eliminated in the semi finals.

Deadly Games returned to the stage for AGT: The Champions in 2019. The couple returned with a knife throwing act, but this time it was way bigger. Silva’s wife stood in front of a rotating target while he threw knives at her. Heidi Klum was amazed with their performance and gave them her Golden Buzzer.

In the finale, the duo once again showed off Silva’s knife throwing skills, but this time with a deadly twist. Instead of shooting past his wife, Silva shot directly at an apple on top of her head. This was probably one of the most terrifying acts I’ve ever seen, yet they were eliminated.

The Beginning of The New Deadly Games

Soon after the show, the couple announced that they had ended their personal and professional relationships. While Anna chose to pursue a career in modeling, Alfredo continued Deadly Games with his new partner, Poland’s Got Talent winner, Aleksandra Kiedrowicz. The two met while performing in the asme show in Sydney, Australia and are currently engaged in 2022.

The new Deadly Games competed on World’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019. From there, they went on to practice their skills at home when the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Las Vegas strip. Silva returned to the AGT stage in 2020 to perform with his brother, aerial artist Alan Silva. In the act, Alfredo threw knives at his brother instead of his fiancé.

In 2021, Deadly Games returned to the America’s Got Talent stage to perform with Duo Transcend. After this performance, it was revealed that both groups would be joining the show’s Las Vegas residency, AGT Las Vegas Live. Later in the year, Silva and Kiedrowicz auditioned for Slovakia’s Got Talent and earned a golden buzzer. This technically was Deadly Games’ second gold buzzer ever.

Alfredo Silva Receives AGT: Extreme Golden Buzzer

Now, Silva is living out his family legacy as a third generation cage rider on AGT: Extreme. He is competing in the new series alongside fellow cage riders, Gary Laurent and John Stotts, as well as two BMX riders Colby and Marko. The cage riders took to the stage for the first time during the second televised set of auditions.

Within the series, Silva shared that the Globe of Death was his first love. He also shared that the guys in the cage with him are some of his best friends, they’ve been riding together for several years. Silva watched his father and grandfather perform Globe of Death together, so he’s hoping to make them proud in the competition.

After the groups audition, Terry Crews gave Silva his AGT: Extreme Golden Buzzer. This was Silva’s third Golden Buzzer in the Got Talent franchise. I agreed with Crews on giving this act the Golden Buzzer. Their audition was totally terrifying and extreme, I couldn’t look away.

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