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Looking Back At Heidi Klum’s Most Epic Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz at the 20th Annual Heidi Klum Halloween PartyPhoto by Gotham/FilmMagic

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It’s no secret that Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween transformations. As spooky season approaches, it’s time to revisit her most legendary and jaw-dropping costumes that have left the world shocked year after year. From iconic monsters to mind-bending prosthetics, Klum’s Halloween wardrobe has set the bar for celebrity costume creativity.

Heidi Klum’s Most Impressive Halloween Costumes

Giant Worm Costume

Klum wowed fans as she slithered down the 2022 Halloween blue carpet, enveloped in a colossal worm costume. Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, joined in on the costume, as the fisherman by her side.

Zombie Costume

In 2021, Klum channeled her inner zombie for a gory and cinematic Halloween short film. The look horrified and captivated fans, since her transformation was so intense. This year really showed off Klum’s dedication to spooky season.

Wall, Bedspread Costumes

To switch it up from Klum’s traditional Halloween attire, her 2020 costumes brought her family’s short film to life. Klum seamlessly blended into the set, first as a gory marble bedspread, then as a corkboard and wood-paneled wall. Once again, this look definitely showed off her commitment to the holiday spirit.

Fleshy Alien Costume

In 2019, Klum had her most spine-chilling, astonishing costume yet. Her fleshy alien costume took nearly 10 hours of prosthetics and makeup. She revealed that this in a post-Halloween Amazon livestream.

Fiona From Shrek Costume

In 2018, Klum and Kaulitz broke away from their norm, donning a movie inspired outfit. That year, Klum and Kaulitz dressed up as Fiona and Shrek, respectively, from Shrek the movie.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Costume

In 2017, Klum channeled the iconic spirit of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” bringing the 1982 music video to life on the bustling streets of New York City.

The Heidi Klum Army

Klum arrived at her 2016 party dressed as herself, but not alone. She iconically brought an army of her own lookalikes in a spectacular display of self-celebration.

Jessica Rabbit Costume

In 2015, Klum embraced the sultry side of Halloween, dressing up as Jessica Rabbit. This costume seamlessly captured the essence of the iconic character’s timeless beauty and allure.

Butterfly Costume

In 2014, Klum graced the streets of New York City as a majestic butterfly. She absolutely dazzled onlookers, with a complete and massive wingspan, it clearly turned the city streets into her own stage.

Old Lady Costume

In 2013, Klum posed as an older lady, proving that even as a senior citizen, she stuns. It’s clear that even when Klum is considered an old lady, she’ll still have dedication to the holiday.

Cleopatra Costume

Returning to her stunning and glamorous roots, Klum embraced her natural beauty for her 2012 Halloween costume. Embodying the regal Cleopatra with a mesmerizing gilded gold headdress that added a touch of ancient Egyptian elegance.

Skinless Human Body Costume

Klum’s 2011 costume was “the Visible Woman,” a striking and anatomically precise portrayal that had her wheeled out on a gurney by men dressed as surgeons.

Robot Costume

Klum’s 2010 Halloween costume was certainly nothing short of spectacular as she strutted down an entire red carpet on stilts. Embodying a towering robot while her entire body was encased in striking purple latex.

Crow Costume

In 2009, Klum turned herself into an intricate crow. Her husband at the time, Seal, matched her with a bird-themed ensemble.

Hindu Goddess Costume

In a captivating cultural shift for her 2008 Halloween costume, Klum channeled the awe-inspiring Kali, the Hindu goddess. Stunning onlookers with her striking portrayal in a multi-armed, blue ensemble that continues to be a timeless showstopper.

Cat Costume

In 2007, Klum showcased her feline grace and elegance with a mesmerizing cat costume.

The Forbidden Fruit Costume

Klum took a divine twist in 2006 as she embraced biblical inspiration. Donning a striking “Eve and the Forbidden Fruit” ensemble that certainly left everyone intrigued and captivated.

Vampire Costume

In 2005, Klum continued her Halloween reign by becoming a vampire. Complete with a towering wig, thigh-high boots, and the perfect touch of realism in her vampire fangs and wings.

Red Witch

In 2004, Klum embraced the role of a red witch. Her look was complete with her very own broomstick and a skeleton companion who clung to her for dear life.

Golden Alien Costume

In 2003, Klum channeled an otherworldly aesthetic in her Halloween costume as a golden alien. She exuded gladiator vibes with her mesmerizing metallic gold ensemble.

Betty Boop Costume

In 2002, Klum dazzled as she transformed into the beloved animated flapper, Betty Boop. She captured the iconic character’s essence with her striking lashes, glamorous curls, and silky ensemble.

Lady Godiva Costume

In a show-stopping entrance at her 2001 Halloween party, Klum channeled her inner English folklore. She rode atop a horse, her hair flowing, while dressed as Lady Godiva.

As Herself In a Gothic Dirndl

In her very first Halloween appearance (in 2000), Klum dressed herself in a Gothic Dirndl. Sporting a leather-clad look, with also a black wig and a bold red lip, allowed her to blend in incognito.

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