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Kelly Clarkson Says She Feels “Productive” When She Pees While in the Shower

Kelly Clarkson on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

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Pop star Kelly Clarkson has a shocking yet hilarious confession about her personal hygiene. The “Stronger” singer recently revealed that she normally pees while bathing in the shower.

Kelly Clarkson Candidly Reveals Unusual Shower Routine

During a December 6 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the talk show host talked to Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson about his book, When I Was Your Age. Apparently, one section in the book tackles shower habits, which prompted Clarkson to disclose some of her hygiene preferences.

“Here’s the thing. I don’t regularly brush my teeth in the shower. I just do if I’m in a hurry,” she said. “Now, I do happen to be in a hurry often.”

While Thompson disagreed, he acknowledged that Clarkson’s routine is also fine. In the book, Thompson emphasized the importance of washing every part of one’s body in the shower. However, this is something the Clarkson doesn’t consistently comply with.

“But wait, when you’re washing up here, it does wash down,” she said.

Later, Clarkson admitted that she pees “almost every time in the shower,” prompting a laugh from the studio audience. The Kenan & Kel star then stated he’d be lying if he denied ever doing the same, but he tries not to.

“No, but you can’t help it. It goes back to that childhood sleepover, they put your hand in the hot water, and sometimes you pee. The hot water hits your body and — not every time, but, like, if I’ve gotta go,” she said.

“You know what I feel — I feel productive,” she added.

It’s not the first time that a celebrity confessed about their unconventional showering routine. Barbie star America Ferrera admitted this year that her guilty pleasure is “not showering for a few days.”


Fans React to Her Hilarious Confession

Upon watching the episode, fans are quick to express their reaction over Clarkson’s confession. Most of her fans praised the American Idol winner for being raw and unfiltered.

“I love it, Kelly has absolutely no filter it’s funny since moving to New York her country accent seems to be stronger. She always finds a way to make us weirdos feel comfortable. And I think that’s a huge part of her success is just completely lacking a filter,” one fan wrote.

“Open book Kelly. Relatable, down to earth fun Kelly!!! Love his lady so much!!!” another user wrote.

“Oh, Kelly, you unfiltered queen. I freaking love her so much. ‘I feel productive.’ She and I are the same,” another fan commented.

Clearly, what Clarkson revealed about herself is something unexpected. However, some experts believe that there is nothing wrong with peeing in the shower, given that a person does it in their own shower. The likelihood of transmitting diseases is less because generally, urine has no living organisms.

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