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Jewel Says Performing on ‘The Masked Singer’ Gave Her Panic Attacks

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Jewel recently opened up about how The Masked Singer led to the return to her panic attacks. Panic attacks are not uncommon for this singer, but it had been a while since her last.

Jewel recently got candid about her experiences having panic attacks when competing on The Masked Singer. The singer clarified that it wasn’t the show itself that produced the attacks. She noted that she began struggling with panic attacks began at the age of 15 when she moved out on her own. They continued to get worse (especially while homeless), until she found a way to manage them. The celebrity expressed that she has since worked on techniques to combat against the attacks.

“I started inventing tools and techniques to help me with them [panic attacks],” Jewel said. “[I] Haven’t had them in ages and suddenly when I was filming, maybe it was The Masked Singer, I had my first panic attack in ages.”

After sharing the time of her panic attack, Jewel confirmed that it was most likely due to her Queen of Hearts costume. She noted that the panic attack was most likely due to the claustrophobia.


Jewel got candid on social media to help other people struggling with anxiety disorders, especially children. When discussing the severity of her struggles, she explained that bodies react the way they do while experiencing something that was once traumatic.

After taking the time to develop techniques, Jewel shared that she now combats panic attacks by forcing blood back into the brain’s processing center. She typically does this by using her five senses.

Jewel Shares Mental Health Tips As Part of a Curriculum

This singer’s candid moments in relation to mental health date back to the 2000’s when she launched the Inspiring Children Foundation. The singer launched the foundation to provide resources to therapeutic practices, mentoring, schooling, and more while struggling with financial hardship and mental health issues.

Since then, she has dedicated more time to the matter. While figuring out how to handle her mental health she took a student-like approach. After countless hours of note taking and experimenting, she created an emotional fitness curriculum, which can be found on Jewel Never Broken.

The singer noted previously that her personal goal was to have a better life ahead of the new techniques. She uses the website as a way to share everything she learned. There are currently 5,615 members subscribed to the website.

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