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‘Idol’ Winner Just Sam: ‘I Really Don’t Want Arthur to Win this Year’

Season 18 American Idol winner Just Sam has had a major change of heart. Previously in an exclusive interview with Talent Recap, Sam revealed that she thought Arthur Gunn was going to win Season 19 of American Idol. Arthur was the runner-up last season and was brought back in a very special twist this season. Now, she has retracted that statement with some major shade.

Just Sam Does Not Want Arthur Gunn to Win ‘American Idol’ this Year

Of course interviewing last season’s winner, we had to ask who she thought was going to win The Comeback before the results were revealed.

“Arthur Gunn, not because of anything personal, but because of how it went last year,” she said at the time. “We were neck and neck. If he made it to the Top two then he still has his Top two fans.”

In an Instagram story, Sam retracted her statements and now feels like someone else should win American Idol this season.

“I CHANGED MY MIND” her post starts off. “I’m sorry but I really don’t want Arthur to win this year..I was rooting for him last year..but this year I’m rooting for Willie Spence or I just hope that a newer contestant wins now that the comeback results are in.”

It is not clear what prompted Sam to make this statement. Arthur performed during Disney Night after Ryan Seacrest revealed he was the winner of The Comeback. Later, America’s votes landed him in the Top 7 and three contestants were sent home.

Fan-favorite contestant, Alyssa Wray’s elimination came as a shock to many after her stunning performance that night. There had been mixed views about whether or not the runner-up of last year’s competition rejoining the show is fair, taking a spot away from someone else.

“Maybe if someone who didn’t make it to the top 5 came back instead, I’d feel better about all of this” she continued. “Anyways…I said what I said.”

She concluded the statement with a shrugging shoulders emoji and tagged Talent Recap in her post. This comes after she revealed she would not be performing on American Idol this season as past winners have.


Samantha Agate

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