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Harry Jowsey Says ‘DWTS’ Snacking Left Him ‘Skinny Fat’ Despite Dance Workouts

Harry Jowsey for 'Dancing With The Stars' Celebration of Taylor Swift NightPhoto by: Disney/Eric McCandless

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Reality star Harry Jowsey admits he actually gained weight during his recent Dancing With The Stars run thanks to excessive snacking between rehearsals. Now prepping for the DWTS live tour, he jokes his body transformed into “skinny fat” from constant grazing.

Nonstop Snacking Packed on Pounds For Harry Jowsey

Looking back on DWTS Season 32, Jowsey confessed he surprisingly got “fatter” despite the intense dance training. He blames the overflowing craft services stocked with treats.

According to Jowsey, the abundance of snacks like candy, muffins, and other goodies proved too tempting. He constantly indulged between rehearsals, undermining his activity level.

Jowsey says having food around causes him to “find any excuse” to nosh rather than practice dancing. His weakness for snacking resulted in noticeable weight gain and loss of muscle tone.

With the DWTS tour starting soon, Jowsey is now trying to return to peak physical form. He describes attempting to incorporate more activity through step tracking and workouts with a trainer.

However, Jowsey jokingly admits he still avoids classic strength moves like squats and lunges. He quips that despite training his skinny legs remain stubbornly toothpick-like.

Unlike Jowsey, fellow competitor Alyson Hannigan dropped 20 pounds during her DWTS season thanks to rigorous rehearsals. She highlighted her transformation in an Instagram post. Jowsey pokes fun at his own physique, suggesting he may need to just accept his body’s limitations. He lacks natural athleticism but enjoys entertaining crowds regardless.

Live Tour Stint Reunites Jowsey with Pro Partner Rylee Arnold

Jowsey joins the DWTS tour in late February as a special guest performer. The stint allows him to reunite with pro partner Rylee Arnold, who he formed a flirty bond with during the competition.

Some fans worry Jowsey may divert attention from other pros and dramatic numbers. However, he conveyed excitement about connecting with supporters from the show in person.

Despite lackluster dancing skills, Jowsey’s cheeky rapport with Arnold helped attract young viewers. Their natural comedic chemistry likely factored into his tour invitation.

Jowsey embraces his role as a novice dancer there to entertain. While other pros showcase technical brilliance, he represents DWTS‘ playful spirit. His self-aware humor adds accessible elements fans identify with.

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