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‘Go-Big Show’ Finale: Winning Act Brings The Judges To Tears

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke

Courtesy of TBS

The Go-Big Show on TBS returned on Thursday night for its first season finale. The talent show features extreme talents not frequently seen on other competition shows.

This week’s episode featured performances from the three acts who made it through the semifinals, as well as one wildcard act chosen by the judges. They were all competing for the $100,000 grand prize.

Check out the night’s extreme performances below, and read on to find out which act was crowned the Go-Big Show Season 1 winner.

WATCH The ‘Go-Big Show’ Finale Performances

Kurtis Downs (Wildcard)

For his finale performance, this extreme BMX rider performed a triple backflip on his bike. He attempted the trick twice in rehearsals, but failed both times. During the show, two of the judges watched the trick from above.


When Kurtis first attempted the trick, he fell. However, he tried again, and this time it worked. Kurtis cried over the victory and got a hug from judge Jennifer Nettles. Cody Rhodes said it made everyone “feel big.” The judges gave him a score of 93.


This strongman returned to the show and lifted more weight than any of his previous performances. He had Cody, Jennifer, and Rosario Dawson swing from a log, which he spun around on his shoulders.

After that, Tulga hung upside down while holding a flaming log with his teeth. Rosario said “it blew my mind,” and Jennifer called him “spectacular.” Snoop Dogg said he was “one of a kind.” The judges gave him a score of 96.

Because Tulga received a higher score than Kurtis, he moved on while Kurtis was eliminated from the competition.

Andrew S.

This sideshow performer has blown the judges’ minds in past performances. This time, Andrew said he was “going four times bigger” by pulling a 3,000-pound car by his eye sockets to break a world record.


He also had the judges in the car while he pulled it 35 feet. Cody said he performed in a way that wasn’t “freakish,” as some people might think. The judges gave Andrew a score of 95.

Because Tulga’s score was higher, Andrew was eliminated from the competition at this point. It came down to Tulga and Tomas Garcilazo.

‘Go-Big Show’ Winner: Tomas Garcilazo

This horseback rope artist was joined in his performance by his wife and son. This time, he said he “saved the best for last.” He told a sweet story about his childhood dreams before he and his son showed off synchronized rope skills.

The performance brought the judges to tears. Snoop Dogg said it was a “great performance,” and Cody called it “perfect.” The judges gave Tomas a score of 97, making him the winner of Go-Big Show and the recipient of the $100,000 grand prize.

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