Everything To Know About Netflix’s Avatar-Based Dancing Show, ‘Dance Monsters’

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Apparently, it’s now possible for dancers perform in front of a live audience while they’re hidden backstage. Dance Monsters is making that happen through fusion of passionate performers and advanced CGI technology. Here’s everything to know about this newest Netflix production.

Dance Monsters Features Dancing CGI Avatars

Dance Monsters is perhaps people’s newest taste of reality entertainment online. Basically, the show allows 15 contestants to showcase their dance moves off the camera as their own CGI avatar hoofs it onstage. The catch is this: the real person behind the avatar unless they get eliminated.

This show may be cluttered with multiple computer-generated avatars, but it is hosted by actual human and dancer, Ashley Roberts. Meanwhile, the 15 dance monsters will be critiqued by a panel of three judges: Ne-Yo, Lele Pons and Ashley Banjo. These judges are ultimately in charge of deciding the contestants who they think should stay or go home.

Unlike typical competition shows, Dance Monsters is not based on public voting. Yet, while it is one unique show, it will pretty much remind you of FOX network’s Alter Ego and The Masked Singer.

What is the Dance Monsters’ Format?

The competition begins at Round 1 which consists of three heats with five monsters pitted against one another in each heat. Soon after the avatars have performed their solo dance routines, the judges will identify three safe contestants. Subsequently, the two least striking routines will go head-to-head in the dance floor, with one getting eliminated in the end.

The 12 remaining dancers will then proceed to the second round, which has two heats with six monsters battling in each. The stakes are higher this time because one will immediately be wiped out in a snap elimination. After that, the panel of judges will choose two more avatars which they deem to be the least impressive. These selected two will compete in a dance-off against each other, but also against as professional dancer.

During the Quarterfinals, viewers will witness the eight remaining monsters compete in pairs. With that, four least impactful contestants will try to secure their spot in the competition with a 30-second solo freestyle. Consequently, two will be eliminated and six monsters will move straight to the Semifinals. This round will feature solo performances, and two avatars will be sent home afterwards.

In the Finale, the four remaining monsters will compete in a dance-off, each given a chance for a special solo routine. Two will immediately be expelled in the competition and the last two standing will clash it out in the final face-off. In the end, the panel of judges will name the Ultimate Dance Monster who will receive a $250,000 prize.

Each CGI Avatar Has A Story To Tell

Unlike The Masked Singer where celebrities are behind the costumes, Dance Monsters contestants are ordinary people. This may seem unexciting at first, but each monster has their own deep story worth-hearing.

In every episode, viewers get to know how some monsters strongly defeated their physical and mental hurdles. Dance Monsters has apparently become an empowering platform for the contestants to pursue their passion in dance.

The series’ utilization of CGI technology was indeed successful all throughout the competition. Most definitely, Dance Monsters is a show that all members of the family can stream.

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