Did Little Mix Throw Some Subtle Shade At Simon Cowell In New Song?

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Little Mix won season eight of The X Factor in 2011. They were signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco Music until 2018 when they decided to go with a different label, RCA. Since then, tensions have been a bit high between the superstar girl group and the entertainment mogul.

New Little Mix Song Has Lyrics About Simon Cowell

Previously, the group spoke out about the mistreatment they have faced in the music industry just after their split from Syco Music. “We still face sexism in the industry” Leigh-Anne Pinnock told the Daily Star. “We’ve been told what we should and shouldn’t do.”

“We learned to put our foot down and make sure we are taken seriously as four strong women who have opinions” she continued. “It’s been a struggle. There are still not enough powerful women in the industry compared to men and that needs to change.”


“There still is a lot that needs to be done in the music industry, but in terms of our careers we are in the driver’s seat more than ever because we speak up for ourselves, we stick together and make sure our opinions are treated as validly as any man’s” she finished. All of this frustration is reportedly being channeled in Little Mix’s newest song.

Their latest song called “Not A Pop Song” allegedly takes a bit of a stab at the fact that they split from Simon’s label. “The girls wanted to do something tongue-in-cheek about their past and taking control of their careers with this new album Confetti – their first with new label RCA,” an insider told Metro. “It’s not bitchy – and isn’t meant in a bitchy way at all.”

“They think Simon will see the funny side of it – as they know he loves attention and will think it’s all playful” the source continued. “It’s about them growing up and becoming women in a way.”

Inside The Rivalry Between Simon And The Group

The lyrics of the new song are reportedly “Don’t do what Simon says/ Get the message ‘cos it’s read/That’s just life it never plays fair/Said to follow any dream, be a puppet on a string/Works for you but that isn’t me/This ain’t another pop song.”

Little Mix took a page from Simon’s book and started their own talent competition called The Search. It was definitely a battle of the ratings with The Search and Simon’s show ‘BGT’ as they both have Saturday television slots.

However, Simon has been absent from ‘BGT’ live shows so far this season as he is currently recovering from his electric bike accident. If you want to know more details about the accident including the six-hour surgery he underwent, check out the video below. His absence from the show is obviously a bummer, but ‘BGT’ is still pulling in some high ratings while some groups on The Search seem to be struggling.


Simon has been in good spirits in the few social media posts he has made since his bike accident. It could be that the lyrics in the latest Little Mix song will not be taken to heart and instead, he might view it as a cheeky little shoutout. The song “Not A Pop Song” is set to drop on Friday.

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