Did Harry Styles Just Blind Audition His Own Song For ‘The Voice’?!

Did I just watch Harry Styles blind audition on "The Voice"Matthew Honda | Talent Recap

Harry Styles is not new to singing competitions. In fact, if it wasn’t for The X Factor we may not have ever known his name. The success of One Direction saw the boys become household names almost overnight. Surely, Harry wouldn’t need to prove his talents in another singing competition. So why did he just blind audition on The Voice last week? With his own song? In where, of all places? Watch this head-scratching audition below and decide for yourself.

Martinius Solum rocks harder to “Kiwi” than Harry ever did

No Way Harry Styles Auditioned For ‘The Voice’

Harry Styles did not reminisce his X Factor glory days by entering The Voice Norway. But at a quick glance (and before he starts singing) contestant Martinius Solum makes you do a double-take. He played to his celebrity look-a-like by choosing to sing “Kiwi” for his blind audition. While the eyes can quickly mistake him for Styles, his voice is distinctly different. His raw vocals give “Kiwi” more “attitude” than the original.


Martinius does not sound like a professional singer during his audition. An idea that had judges hesitating to turn their chairs. He seems to have potential with the proper training but could he be winning material? Three out of the four judges turned their chairs to take him under their wing.

Music Is Kind Of Martinius Forte

Martinius might not sound like Harry Styles belting out “Kiwi” but he isn’t tone-deaf. The judges saw potential and enough fundamentals to recognize he could develop with some mentoring. But vocals are at the bottom of his list of credits as a multi-instrumentalist. 

On his Instagram, he can be seen playing various instruments like guitar, keyboard, trumpet, saxophone, even a banjo. He even comments on one post that he didn’t consider himself a singer until the surprising success of his blind audition.

I guess we’ll have to follow Martinius and see how he does this season. If he sticks to the plan, we might even see him cover “Watermelon Sugar High” or “Only Angel.” 


Matthew Honda
Matthew Honda

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