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Did Gwen Stefani Get Wedding Cake Inspiration From ‘Simple Kind Of Life’ Music Video?

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A photo from Gwen Stefani’s Instagram Story has us all wondering about one huge wedding detail. Stefani put a photo from her wedding-themed “Simple Kind Of Life” music video next to a photo from her real-life wedding to Blake Shelton and the wedding cakes look identical.

Gwen Stefani Shares Wedding Cake Photo That Looks Eerily Similar to the Cake from ‘Simple Kind Of Life

No Doubt’s “Simple Kind Of Life” music video premiered in 2000. The video opens with Stefani embracing bassist Tony Kanal. The next scene shows Stefani wearing a wedding dress before running into a room full of wedding cakes. Her bandmates destroy the simple white tiered cakes with baseball bats. She eats some of the cake off of the floor. We’ve all been there.

Stefani and Shelton had a similar kind of simple cake for their July 3 Oklahoma nuptials. The cake was made by Fancy Cakes By Lauren and resembled Stefani’s parents’ wedding cake. The cake incorporated free-hand piping along the sides of its five tears. The layers were separated by white swan pillars and decorated with sugar flowers and white chocolate cherubs.

It could just be a total coincidence that Shelton and Stefani’s cake looks like the ones in her “Simple Kind Of Life” video. But, what are the chances that she chose that cake based on the music video? She does love to throw it back to the past when it comes to her Instagram posts, music videos, and photoshoots. Either way, the cake fit their chic wedding style and featured a cute personalized cake topper of the happy couple.

Stefani also shared a hilarious Instagram video of Shelton holding a bouquet of flowers that he picked versus a bouquet that designer Vera Wang sent her. He said that he felt like “an idiot” with his hand-picked bouquet. Wang designed both of Stefani’s dresses for the big day. She looked very glamorous in both styles.

What Have the Newlyweds Been Up to in Their First Month of Marriage


Shelton and Stefani have kept super busy since their wedding, which was officiated by The Voice host Carson Daly. The couple have done everything from perform together, prepare for tour, and share adorable photos on Instagram during their first month of marriage.

After the wedding, Shelton and Stefani took a few days off to spend time together in Oklahoma. They opted for this local mini-moon out of the public eye instead of immediately jumping on a plane to a far away location. The couple are looking to go on a honeymoon sometime in the future, but have a lot on their plates right now.

The two also invited fans to head to Ole Red on July 15 for a surprise performance. He debuted his wedding ring during this appearance with Stefani by his side. They performed several versions of her song “Don’t Speak” and their hit duets “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You.”

The two later appeared at Country Thunder in Wisconsin in mid-July. Stefani joined him on stage again to perform “Don’t Speak.” The crowd cheered loudly for the newlyweds who smiled at each other throughout the performance. He also took the stage at CMA Summer Jam Nashville on July 27.

Shelton will return to Los Angeles to film The Voice once the lives shows air this fall. Stefani has been nothing but supportive on social media, posting about the Season 21 premiere. She was even spotted wearing shoes with Shelton’s face on them. She is returning to her Just a Girl residency in Las Vegas, which will kick off October 22.

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