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Chrissy Teigen Reveals The Double Meaning Behind Newborn’s Name

Chrissy Teigen on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

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There’s no denying that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s newborn’s name, Esti, is one of the most adorable names we’ve heard. Apparently, behind this name is an actual amusing origin story which Teigen recently revealed.

Chrissy Teigen Reveals How They Came Up with the Name Esti

Sitting down for an interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show, the model boasted about the latest addition to her family, Esti Maxine Stephens. Teigen shared a particularly “crazy” coincidence regarding the said name, proving that “Esti” is indeed the perfect name for their third born.

“We were on vacation where we got married in Italy and I was looking up at the hotel,” she said. “And I kept seeing the Este, Este of it then I was like ‘I love the name Este.’ Then just playing around with it and then we came up with Esti.”

While this sounds like a typical backstory, the married couple discovered one interesting fact about the name. Esti happened to be Legend’s great grandmother’s name, thus giving deep connection to their family.

In the beginning of the interview, Teigen described Esti as the “light and joy” of their family. The cookbook author also shared how she feels relieved that her other two kids, Luna and Miles, are happy to be bonding with Esti.

Her Son Miles is Currently on a ‘Kissing Phase’

Amid Esti’s looming arrival, Teigen and Legend thought that Luna and Miles would act indifferent towards Esti. Surprisingly, the two kids are extremely loving the job their duties as siblings.

“It’s weird because I thought they would either be like, you know, be very mad at her for just existing,” she said. “Or they would like want so much attention from me but they actually love her so much and they want so much attention from me.”

According to Teigen, whenever she’s bathing Esti, Luna and Miles would expectedly crowd over the sink to help. Miles, on the other hand, is presently enjoying a “kissing phase,” with Esti being one of his victims.

Elsewhere in the episode, Teigen shared how she managed to pull off a Scooby Doo party for the two older kids. The original plan was to throw the celebration before they welcome Esti, only that her C-section operation happened earlier than expected. The party nevertheless pushed through after their newborn’s arrival.

“I wanted them to know that I wasn’t gonna forget about them,” she said.

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