OOPS! Watch Married Chrissy Teigen REVEAL She’s On Tinder! Sparks Fan Debate

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It falls to me to edit the Bring the Funny Recap Show with Jackelyn Shultz and Lauren Ashley Beck and this is the best episode yet. On this episode Lauren and Jackie discuss Chrissy Teigen revealing she’s on the Tinder dating app.

The whole thing started when the judges were talking to comedian Candice Thompson about her act. She had made some jokes about the difficulties of dating and Chrissy was complementing her on being relatable.

Chrissy Teigen then reveals on national TV that she’s on Tinder. In case you live under a rock and don’t know, Chrissy is married to EGOT winner and The Voice coach John Legend. She tries to downplay it because she says she doesn’t use it to date but just for fun and that John knows about it. Kenan won’t let her off the hook. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen Chrissy get flustered.

Watch here: Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s On Tinder

Lauren and Jackie seem to be OK if they or their husbands had the Tinder app. As long as it’s not being used for its actual intention, of course. Then Jackie says that she sets up dating profiles for her brother Alex Mandel. There are people out there that are very jealous and would lose their minds if their significant other was on a dating app.

Did you see what THIS good-looking comedian flirt with Chrissy Teigen? Did he go to far?

I think as long as the other person knows and there is trust. My wife is a sex researcher with a PhD and everything and we’ve looked at the apps together just for fun. You know what’s even crazier than Tinder: Grindr. Check that one out some time. It’s mostly pictures of wieners.

Bring The Funny Episode 3 Favorite Acts

Bring The Funny act: Kids These Days

Chrissy Teigen being on Tiner wasn’t the only topic of dicussion this week. Jackie and Lauren also discuss the acts they really liked including the sketch group Kids These Days, who I personally didn’t like, but I seem to be alone in this. I just thought the premise was weak although I can see them being really good in other sketches.

Calvin Evans on Bring The Funny

Join the debate and comment below: Do you think it is ok for a person in a serious relathionship to be on Tinder or not?


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