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‘Bring The Funny’: Did This Comedian Go TOO Far With Chrissy Teigen Joke?

Lauren Ashley Beck

Lauren Ashley Beck

chrissy teigen joke bring the funny

Bring The Funny premiered on NBC Tuesday night, and definitely brought the laughs. One this weeks new Talent Recap Show we debate if this one good-looking comedian crossed the line with Chrissy Teigen joke? Check out our recap here!

NBC Bring The Funny – Jeff Foxworthy, Amanda Seales, Kenan Thompson, and Chrissy Teigen

In addition to all of the great competition shows out there NBC has #blessed us with yet another talent show of a completely new genre…comedy!

Talent Recap hosts Jackelyn Schultz (who also happens to be AGT frontman Howie Mandel’s daughter) and Lauren Ashley Beck covered Bring The Funny’s premiere episode: The Open Mic Night 1.

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Bring The Funny Recap

The Open Mic Night 1

Bring The Funny opened with host, Amanda Seales, introducing stand-up comedian Matt Rife. The 23-year-old walked on set with his dashing good looks, and strong jaw line…setting the tone for a great show!

NBC Bring The Funny – Matt Rife

However, one of Matt’s jokes may have left some viewers feeling a little uneasy. “I might sleep with you and not call you the next day,” Matt jokes to judge Chrissy Teigan. “Cause I’m busy planning our wedding, do you understand how much goes into our day? Like I got stuff to do man, do you even know where to get doves? They’re not on Amazon Prime…you cant Postmates doves.”

NBC Bring The Funny – Judge Chrissy Teigen

Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen, welcomed the joke with open arms. But some cringed at the joke because Chrissy is married to our favorite Voice judge, obvs! We have to admit, comedy is subjective and Matt was just having fun!

The Voice’s John Legend got in on the action making a cameo appearance in-between sets.

NBC Kenan Thompsan, Chrissy Teigan, John Legend, and Jeff Foxworthy

Legend caught his wife’s flirting in action! The Twitter expert joked that she loved Matt but accidentally called him the wrong name. It was all fun and games for Chrissy who even posed for a ‘prom’ photo with the young comedian.

Bring The Funny – Chrissy Teigen and Matt Rife

Matt clearly brought the funny, because he advanced to the next round: the comedy clash. We can’t wait to see more of this stand-up comedian and his jawline!

Next up, one of our favorite acts…FRANGELA. Friends Frances and Angela took to the stage to show off their sketch comedy skills. The pair transported viewers to a movie theater. Showcasing a scenario we’ve ALL been in, the dynamic duo showed the audience how to be the most annoying movie patron ever!

NBC Bring The Funny – Frangela

The pair talked to the big screen and even called each other on accident during the ‘film’. The judges ate it up and advanced the Frangela to the next round.

Bring The Funny ‘Frangela’

JK Studios, Orlando Leyba, and Jarred Fell immediately became fan favorites, also advancing to the comedy clash round.

NBC Bring The Funny – JK Studios

What The Funny

Tuesday night NBC introduced the world to Mr. Zed. Placed in the Variety category Mr. Zed took to the Bring The Funny stage with robotic like movements and jokes to tell! “I’m so creeped out, you’re so talented,” Judge Chrissy Tiegen gushed.

Bring The Funny: Chrissy Teigen and Mr. Zed

Mr. Zed brought forth talent like any other…never breaking character or stepping outside of his robotic ways. “It’s not bring the robotics, it’s ‘Bring The Funny‘,” judge Jeff Foxworthy revealed.

Sadly Mr. Zed didn’t advance to the next round, but he definitely showed America some of the best robotic skills out there! We’re sure Mr. Zed will be coming to a TV screen near you in the future!

Bring The Funny Judges

Overall we saw some phenomenal talent, and can’t wait to see how the show progresses. Tune in to our recaps with Jackelyn and Lauren Ashley every Thursday here.

You can check out Bring The Funny every Tuesday, after America’s Got Talent at 10pm on NBC.

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