Chatting with ‘The Four’ Contestants – Are They Ready For The Season 2 Premiere?

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We are ONE DAY AWAY from the season 2 premiere of The Four! We know we’re ready to watch the showdown begin. But are the contestants ready? Talent Recap was able to chat with the original Four to see how learn how they prepared for battle. 

Talent Recap correspondent, Dominique Alexis, got down to the nitty-gritty to get inside the heads of The Four contestants: Carvena Jones, James Graham, Sharaya J. and Stephanie Zelaya. Here’s their individual take on what to expect this upcoming season, what makes them the winning artists, and how they will handle pressure of this unique competition.


Q: You’ve got that Southern hospitality, how’s that going to help you as an artist in this competition?

CARVENA: I’m going to charm the audience with my Mississippi Swag.

Q: Of all of the competitions, why did you choose ‘The Four’?

CARVENA: With this show, they actually cultivate you as an artist. They help you evolve into the artist you want to be.

Q: What is going to make you different as an artist?

CARVENA: Being myself. Having a strong team to back me. To see my vision as I see it.

Q: What do you hope to learn from each one of the judges?

CARVENA: I know DJ Khaled is hit maker. I want to get the formula in how he becomes so successful and to be so consistent. Megan, she’s an amazing writer. I’m a songwriter. So it would be interesting to find out her process as well. And, ya know, Diddy has a track record. I just feel like  he can help me, even in a business sense. And knowing how to be more free on stage.



Q: You’re no stranger to competitions. How do you compare the experience from other competitions?

JAMES: I feel that ‘The Four’ is more music industry. It feels more like a label looking for an artist on ‘The Four’. I love the whole format of ‘The Four.’ I feel like this is the one shot. It’s more intense. So I’m going to learn more about relaxing.

Q: You have to be one your toes in this competition. So what makes you unique?

JAMES: Purely just because there’s always a surprise element when I start singing. I sort of look like, ‘oh he’s going to sing pop.’ And then I don’t. I sing soul and R&B. I think people are going to come in challenging me expecting me to be something. And then they’re going to be like, he’s literally the quite opposite of that.

Q: What did you learn from watching season 1 of ‘The Four’?

JAMES: Leave it all out there. You don’t want to be question anything.Absolutely just leave more than you need out there, just everything. Because if you don’t, you’ll regret it. And that’s not a good thing.

Q: What’s your message to a challenger that tries to take your spot?

JAMES: Just try your best, try really hard. But, it probably isn’t going to be enough. But try hard.



Q: ‘The Four’ embraces hip hop artists and rappers, but they have a hard time staying in the competition. How will you stay?

SHARAYA: I’m an artist and entertainer, I do more than just rap. And that’s what I think that an overall artist should be. A person that has 5 talents, ya know, a whole package. For me, I’m just going out here to do me, keep it Banji. Stay in my zone.

Q: The climate for female rappers is interesting. There’s Nicki Minaj or there’s Cardi B. What is your take and how will you be approach this “climate”?

SHARAYA: SHARAYA: Female comradery. That’s the name of this game right here.  I feel like there’s enough out here where everybody can eat. Everyone can be dope and abundant with their own craft. In my opinion, I’m not in competition with nobody.

Q: Missy Elliot is your mentor. Any advice that she has given you?

SHARAYA: Be yourself. Be your who are. I had spearheaded this movement called the Banji Movement which is an acronym for Be Authentic, Never Jeopardize Your Individuality, I stand on that foundation. I encourage everybody to be unique and do not be apologetic about it.

Q: What artist are you dying to collaborate with?

SHARAYA: Beyonce, let’s do a record honey. I’m down for the crown.



Q: What do you think make you unique as an artist?

STEPHANIE: I sing Spanish. Really finding that connection with the audience. I move a lot. I dance. I bring all my latin dance moves. I bring the whole game to the stage.

Q: How are you going to handle the pressure of defending your spot?

STEPHANIE: I want to get challenged. I love my second song. I love performing so being able to perform twice for the audience to bring that energy, I’d love to do it. I love performing.

Q: What advice do you have for any contestant that chooses to challenge you?

STEPHANIE: Well I mean, just do the best they can. Be themselves because I’m not playing, I’m going to bring all my game.

Well, we will see what kind of game they all bring to the stage at tomorrow night’s premiere. Tune in to FOX at 8/7c and be sure to follow the Talent Recap Instagram for live IG Story reactions from us!
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