‘Canada’s Got Talent’ Announces Semifinal 2 Results, Who’s Going into the Finale?

Corey Cesare
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The Cast performs in the 'Canada's Got Talent' SemifinalsCityTV/Canada's Got Talent

Canada’s Got Talent is officially getting closer and closer to their iconic Season 2 finale. After yet another exhilarating night of performances, the show has officially announced which two acts will be in the finale.

On Tuesday night, Canada’s Got Talent premiered their final semifinal episode of the season. Within the episode, fans of the series saw contestants: The Cast (dance group), Raymond Salgado (singer), GBA (circus act), Katherine Lynn-Rose (singer), Meave (singer), Magic Ben (magician), Curran Dobbs (comedian), Anica (singer), and Geneviève Côté (novelty act). The Golden Buzzer recipients in this episode are Anica (Lindsay), The Cast (Group), and Geneviève Côté (Howie Mandel).

If you missed it, after each contestant performed again, judges were able to automatically send through two acts. At the end of the episode, it was announced that Geneviève Côté and The Cast dance group would be continuing into the finale.

Which Contestants Are Continuing Into The Finale?

Geneviève Côté

The first act continuing into the final is Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, noise maker Geneviève Côté. Since Geneviève’s first performance, it was clear that her talent was something special. After another stunning noise making act, judges helped her secure her place in the finale.

The Cast

CGT’s first ever Group Golden Buzzer, The Cast, returned to the stage with yet another energetic, dance act. After originally appearing as old people on the stage, the group returned with another theatrically synchronized performance. Due to their stunning performance, judges picked them to continue into the finale.


Natural born performer and 25 year old Meave has officially earned her place in the upcoming finale. Since Meave first came to the stage, it was clear that she was born to entertain. Everyone loves an underdog, so it’s great to see Meave getting voted in by Canada.

Raymond Salgado

Raymond Salgado has officially earned the second Canadian voted place in the finale. This previously rejected American Idol singer has truly risen to the occasion and proven himself as an entertainer on this season of CGT. Even if Raymond doesn’t secure the win this season, he surely has a larger than life career ahead of him.

These four contestants are the first announced for the upcoming Canada’s Got Talent finale. The 2-hour long live finale airs on Tuesday, May 16 on Citytv. For those who may not know, this season’s CGT winner will be awarded $150,000.

Canada’s Got Talent returns to Citytv this Tuesday with the show’s highly anticipated Season 2 finale. Fans should expect to see Atsushi Ono, Conversion, Turnbull Brothers, Cool Giraffes, Geneviève Côté, The Cast, Meave and Raymond Salgado. One of these acts will be crowned as the next winner of Canada’s Got Talent.

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