Blake Shelton Declares He is in Charge of ‘The Voice’ After 10 Years as a Coach

Samantha Agate
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After 10 years of coaching The Voice, Blake Shelton now thinks he is in charge of the show. He has made some crazy demands over the years including making the infamous red chairs more comfortable. Now, he is finally making all of his wishes come true 20 seasons later…kind of!

Blake Shelton Imagines Life as a Boss on ‘The Voice’ After 10 Years as a Coach

In a skit that was totally unnecessary for the jam-packed second night of The Voice finale, Shelton claims there is a clause in his contract that says after 10 years, he is now in charge of the show. The scene starts with Shelton walking into the building and dusting off his parking sign. He finally is able to turn his big red chair into the reclining chair that he has always wanted.

Another thing that Shelton has requested on the show in the past is a trampoline. Sure enough, Shelton as the boss added a trampoline right next to his seat. This way he can just jump and launch himself right into the chair easily. The biggest change that Shelton made to The Voice in this skit is changing the name. Can you imagine if the show was actually called Blake Shelton’s The Voice? The other coaches would not stand a chance.

While it seems like this idea would totally be far-fetched, Shelton deserves major props for pretty much holding the show together all of these years. We seriously cannot picture The Voice without him and all of his antics that he goes through to try and get artists on his team.

From bringing out an adorable puppy in the Blind Auditions to trash-talking all of the other coaches, Shelton is the reason fans keep tuning in to The Voice. He earned the title of the king of The Voice for a reason. Shelton will be returning to coach Season 21 with what we presume will be one more win under his belt after tonight.

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