‘The Voice’ Coaches Roast Blake Shelton for His On-Screen Antics This Season


Blake Shelton is always the center of attention on The Voice due to his crazy tactics to try and get artists to join his team. This season is no different. All of the coaches stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show to reflect on Season 20 and to have an absolute roast fest for Shelton who has appeared on every season of The Voice so far.

Blake Shelton Gets Called Out on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

John Legend has been on The Kelly Clarkson Show a total of four times. Clarkson has a tradition where she gifts four-time guests a Team Kelly jacket. Shelton received a jacket during his last appearance on the show and lied saying that he wears it all the time.

Clarkson called him out because he left it in the green room and never brought it home with him. She regifted him the jacket once more this time before he handed it off to a producer.

The coaches sipped on LVE, Legend’s own rosé brand during their interview. They toasted to 20 seasons of The Voice and it wasn’t long before Clarkson said “hashtag you’re old” in Shelton’s direction. For Nick Jonas’s third appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show he was gifted a Pilot Pen. This gave him a laugh because his wife Priyanka Chopra is a spokesperson for the brand.

The coaches went around saying what their favorite moment on past seasons of The Voice has been. Clarkson joked that her favorite moment will be winning Season 20. Legend’s favorite moment was winning Season 16. Jonas’s favorite moment was when Shelton brought out a puppy to try and convince an artist to join his team.

The Coaches Shared Their Favorite Moments From Season 20

When it came time to recall their favorite moments from this season so far, Legend felt it was time to call out Shelton for not knowing the song Victor Solomon performed for his Blind Audition.

“His first song on the show during the Blind Auditions was my Oscar-winning song with Common, “Glory,” and Blake was the first to turn for Victor and his pitch was ‘you must really love gospel music,” Legend recalled. “And he was just rambling and trying to bond with him and I look at you and I’m like ‘he doesn’t know it’s my song.'”

Another embarrassing moment for Shelton this season that the coaches had a laugh about is the fact that he did not immediately recognize his former bandmate Pete Mroz. Shelton turned his chair during Pete’s Blind Audition and did not remember him at first. Finally, Pete explained that the pair used to work on music together. Even with this hilarious moment of realization caught on camera, Shelton still remains the king of The Voice with seven wins.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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