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‘BGT’ Inspirational Standout Tom Ball to Perform on ‘AGT All-Stars’

Tom Ball on 'America's Got Talent All-Stars'Trae Patton/NBC

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The finalist from series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent, Tom Ball has got all the qualities of a great singer. From his likable personality to his vocal talent, Ball is now set on bringing a memorable run on America’s Got Talent All Stars.

Who is BGT Finalist Tom Ball?

Ball is a secondary school teacher from West Sussex who discovered his talent for singing at a young age. His mother found out about his ability to sing when she picked him up from school and they sang along to a recording of Les Miserables. The inspirational 24-year-old is motivated everyday by his parents’ work ethic.

Before wowing the judges and the rest of the Got Talent fans with his singing, Ball was a passionate teacher at the Burgess Hill Academy. The singer attended a reputed university prior to teaching at the secondary school. Outside of teaching, he loves practicing music on his leisure time. Ball grew up listening to songs of Elton John, Michael Ball and the musical Les Miserables.

After competing on BGT, he went back to teaching at Burgess Hill Academy, just like he said he would. His students have been in awe of their teacher since he competed on the show, and he never forgets to share inspiring words to them.

“To follow your dreams takes hard work, dedication and sacrifice. I am not going to lie to you, you will face setbacks in your life. You have got to take risks and aim high,” Ball said. “I am stepping out for you to prove that if you have a dream you have got to take a chance on yourself. Believe in you and it can change your life forever.”

No other family member has gone on to sing in the same manner as him, but he did reveal that his grandmother and sister have beautiful voices. His family, students and fans from West Sussex will once again cheer him on as he competes again with his golden voice in 2023.

He Got a Health Scare Prior to the Finals of BGT

In a surprising reveal, Ball went for a hospital run just hours before stepping on stage for the BGT finals. Ball almost missed out on the biggest performance of his life due to ketoacidosis, which is a complication of type one diabetes.

Ball is now keeping a strict check on his diabetes, as he was aware it can affect his ability to sing if his blood sugar levels dip. Together with his wife who is a nurse, Ball is trying his best to keep the condition under control in the midst of preparing for his AGT All Stars return.

If at all his condition acts up while competing, Ball will have to power through the ordeal like he did in the finals of BGT. Nevertheless, he was still able to bring a jaw-dropping performance singing “I (Who Have Nothing)” by Tom Jones.

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