Got Talent

In This ‘America’s Got Talent’ Sneak Peek Rapper Flau’jae Raps About Gun Violence

There is perhaps no topic in public discourse right now that gets people more riled up than the question of gun violence and gun control. People on both sides of the political divide argue over this all the time on social media, especially after one of the mass shootings that have become all too frequent. Young Flau’jae’s life was touched by gun violence, so she came on America’s Got Talent to flow on the subject.

She’s only 14 and has had to grow up fast. The native of Savannah, GA lives with her mother after her father, an aspiring rapper named Camoflauge died due to gun violence. When she came out on stage and said her story she had already won the audience and the judges over to her side. But then it turns out that the girl can really spit. The song could become a powerful anthem against gun violence for the kids just like her who are protesting after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL.

I don’t want to get political and you can not like the message she’s saying if you really feel that way. But there is no doubt that she’s a great rapper and if this is any indication of the talent that’s going to come out on AGT this season, we are in for a treat.