‘The Voice’s Britton Buchanan Discusses His Eternal Love Of Bruce Springsteen


When we interviewed The Voice‘s Britton Buchanan it became pretty clear that he loves him some Bruce Springsteen. That was his answer to half of the questions we asked him. Not only would he pick the Boss to accompany him to a desert island, he also lists him as his greatest influence. Weird for a young guy like Britton to be so taken by a star of the classic rock era, but there you have it. 

You can see it in the way Britton performs that he’s, consciously or not, emulating Bruce. Having seen Springsteen live I can tell you that Britton has his style down. The only difference between the two has to do with confidence, which I’m sure Britton will build up in time. Britton told Rolling Stone,

“I personally think he is the greatest songwriter of all time. His songs feel like – if I’m walking down the streets of where I’m from, I feel like everybody I pass lives the life of some Bruce song somewhere. The songs feel like the community around me. The songs also feel like a reason to get out of the community around me and go do something with yourself.

I would never have started playing guitar if it wasn’t for Bruce. Or writing songs, or singing. I get a casting email from this show that said they saw a video of mine on YouTube and wanted to know if I wanted to audition. I never would have done that had I not heard an interview the day before where Bruce said, “If you’re going to make it in the music business today, you gotta be desperate enough to take every shot that comes your way.” I always thought I was gonna die in like, a bar band somewhere 40 years down the road. Just playing the same bars every weekend, that’s what I thought I was gonna be doing for the rest of my life. Then I heard that, got the email – I literally would not have tried out had I not heard that. I owe [Bruce] a lot.”

I think you’d make Bruce proud, Britton.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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