‘American Idol’s Judges Talk About Next Season

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap


This season of American Idol isn’t over yet but the judges are already thinking about next season. We aren’t sure yet when the show will return but I imagine it will be later this year. Lionel, Katy, and Luke will be back to find a new batch of potential stars and now they feel that they’ve figured out how the show will work best.

When ABC announced that they were rebooting American Idol, people were dubious. Why bring back a moribund show when there are so many talent shows already? Idol got off to a rocky start, especially in the ratings, but now it looks as though it’s found its stride. Lionel Richie said,

“What I love the most is the fact that now… we know how it works. So, the next time around, it gets even better because we understand how the whole thing works. It’s so great.”

With any show, reality or fiction, they have to find their voice, (no pun intended), and what they want to showcase. Idol seemed a little all over the place when it began and that was part of the reason people tuned out. But now things are very different and they are getting a ground swell of support and the ratings are up. After all, ABC has to justify paying Katy Perry all that money. Luke Bryan is happy because he has a job. He said,

“It’s so nice to have planned employment for next year. I’ve never had employment this far out in my whole life.”

I know the feeling, Luke.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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