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‘American Idol’ Shares Stunning, Authentic Singer in Season 20 Early Release

Cole Hallman American Idol season 20ABC/Eric McCandless

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Calling all fans of American Idol! The series has officially shared their first early release of the new season. The early release features 22 year old Cole Hallman singing “Creedence Clearwater Revival” by Lodi. If the season follows suit to this audition, we’re in for some very talented singers.

Before stepping foot on the audition stage, Cole mentioned that he hasn’t been singing as long as others in the competition. He began singing later in high school, but became invested in singing with his sister Katie, his biggest fan. The singer shared that his sister was born with a chromosomal deletion which affects her IQ and behavior. His sister is absolutely obsessed with American Idol.

As soon as Cole took to the stage, he shared the fear that he doesn’t have enough experience. All three judges agreed with Cole, saying that they still feel out of place. Cole impressed the judges with his effortlessly authentic voice and guitar playing. Even though he was nervous, his talent totally shined through. Each judge gave the singer great judgements after his audition.

“If you play a whole song with an out of tune guitar and Katy Perry doesn’t throw a penalty flag at you, that means were all into what you’re doing,” judge Luke Bryan said.

Following his audition, they brought his mom and sister to the stage. The judges had Cole sing another song with his sister. Together they sang “Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones to Cole’s guitar playing. In this song the judges noticed his nerves diminish almost immediately. They noted that his voice had more freedom and life than in his audition.


They gave Cole and Katie a standing ovation. Even though Cole’s audition was not bad by any means, it was clear he loosened up while singing with his sister. The singer shared that he needs to shed the nerves before the next round of the competition.

Cole Hallmans Music Before American Idol

This singer is officially the first of the season to earn a Gold Ticket and go into the Hollywood Round. Before auditioning for the series, Cole is known on TikTok for music and videos with his sister. Right now, he has over 353,900 followers on the video sharing platform.

Before auditioning for American Idol, Cole has previously released seven singles independently. The singer currently has 29,247 monthly listeners on Spotify. 1205 TikTok videos have been created with his latest release, “Other Lover.” Couples used the song to show off their love this past Valentine’s Day.

American Idol returns for it’s landmark season 20 on Sunday, February 27 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. The premiere will also be available the next day on Hulu for streaming.

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