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‘American Idol’ Judges All Agree: Katy Perry is the Toughest Judge

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Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie stopped by Good Morning America to discuss the show’s milestone 20th season. The morning show hosts asked the American Idol judges about their chemistry and who the toughest judge is. The trio is celebrating their fifth year judging the show together when the show premieres Sunday February 27.

“The first time you all came here, after you left we all said the chemistry is incredible between all three of you,” host Michael Strahan stated.

When Idol first announced the show would move to ABC with a brand new panel of judges, fans were curious as to who could top the judges of the past. When Perry, Bryan, and Richie were announced as the new judges, many wondered how well they would get along.

“I knew Luke,” Richie said about their first season working together. “15 seconds after Luke and Katy met they were like old friends.”

Richie pointed out that the chemistry between the three has only gotten better. Bryan understands that fans also tune in to see the judges. He mentions that it is up to the judges to set the tone.

Setting the tone and making contestants comfortable is what the Idol judges agree is their ultimate mission. The chemistry they have built has only challenged them to make better choices for talent each season. Perry, who virtually joined the interview, agreed on the challenges to pick the best talent.

Game Time With the ‘American Idol’ Judges

The American Idol judges on GMA brought us the conversation to discover who the toughest judge was. Both Bryan and Richie pointed at Perry. The singer also chose herself.

“The real world is tough,” Perry said regarding being the toughest judge. “We are firm and fair. We give them constructive criticism because we only want them to grow in a short amount of time.” She finished.

Fans may be shocked that Perry as well as her co-judges believe she is the toughest on the show. Since their start on Idol viewers have become used to Perry being the judge that cries the most. Bryan and Perry believe it is Richie who cries the most and wants to give everyone the newly established platinum ticket.

“I know how bad they want it,” Richie said about the contestants. “At the same time you know you have to say no, and that part gets me.”

Richie’s “Papa Lionel” persona comes out when he has to turn down a hopeful contestant. With the game changing platinum ticket and a competition that is supposed to be like nothing we have ever seen, Richie will be shedding a lot of tears.

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