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‘American Idol’ Chooses Its Top 10

Jack Tomas

Jack Tomas



So, last night was rough for some of the contestants on the season of American Idol but was triumphant for others. America voted for who they wanted to stay in the competition and, with a few exceptions, it wasn’t surprising. The judges did interfere a bit though, so it wasn’t totally democratic.

Maddie Poppe

OK, so singing a slow version of Walk Like an Egyptian was a weird choice. It doesn’t really matter though because Maddie Poppe is a fan favorite and easily made it into the top 10.

Michelle Sussett

The saucy Latina singer was in trouble. The judges had to save her in fact. It wasn’t her best performance but she pulled it off well enough to convince the judges she should continue.

Marcio Donaldson

Oh, Marcio. We’re going to miss the tears. American Idol’s heart has been ripped out after Marcio was sent home.

Cade Foehner

There was no way that America’s favorite American Idol rock god, and Katy’s only remaining crush, wasn’t going to make it through. C’mon.

Garrett Jacobs

Garrett is a cute boy next door but it wasn’t enough to get him through, even with his nice version of Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Sorry, bud.

Gabby Barrett

I’ve got to tell you that Mel and I feel that Gabby might win this whole thing. At least, that’s who I think the producers are rooting for. She did a great version of Miranda Lambert’s Little Red Wagon. Naturally she made it through.

Dennis Lorenzo

This was the first one that surprised me that America didn’t automatically vote through. Dennis has been consistently amazing. At least the judges saved him.

Jonny Brenns

I had a funny feeling Jonny would be going home. He’s a fine singer and the ladies like him but he doesn’t make me see fireworks, you know? He did not advance.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Caleb is THE country dude on American Idol and a pretty darn tootin’ good one. There was no way America wasn’t going to vote him into the top 10.

Mara Justine

OK, this one surprised me too. I thought from our comments and stuff that the fans were crazy about Mara, but I guess not enough. I guess all those bad habits of overdoing it led to her downfall.


Jurnee is one of our favorites here at Talent Recap HQ but America didn’t think so. Luckily, the judges were there to send her through to the top 10.

Michael J. Woodward

I have to say that Michael has generally underwhelmed me this season. He’s a fine singer but I think that Marcio is a better singer. America didn’t agree with me and Michael was sent through to the top 10.

Catie Turner

Of, course she went through! She’s America’s awkward, geeky sweetheart. Her rendition of Havana wasn’t half bad either.

Ada Vox

I can’t say as I’m surprised America didn’t vote Ada through, even though she’s one of the best singers on the show, and I suspect it has less to do with her talent and everything to do with her sexuality. Ditto with Jurnee. Good thing the judges saved her.

Well, there’s your top ten folks. Next week should be interesting.

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