The ‘American Idol’ Auditions Go Out With A Bang

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Last night was the last of the auditions for the brand spanking new reboot of American Idol. The last batch of hopefuls appeared on the show to try and win a trip to Hollywood and a chance and musical superstardom. The judges were much more selective now than they were before, probably because they are running out of room. But it was a night of some pretty great performances.

Ayana “Rose” Lawson

Ayana has had a tough life, having literally been homeless for the last few years. But her singing, while nice, didn’t wow the judges. It’s a shame and I felt bad for her but the show is looking for the next singing sensation and she is not it, unfortunately. She did not get a golden ticket.

Damiano Scarfi

This was…special. Damiano wants to be the next Sebastian Bach or something and he utterly butchered More Than A Feelin‘ by Boston. The judges dwelled on the fact tha this style and music was outdated. That’s the lease of this guy’s problems.

Lee Vasi

Lee came on the show to sing The Commodore’s Zoom, which was written by Lionel. What she wasn’t expecting was for him to do a duet with her. This song was much better than her second one which showed a lack of vocal control. Still, she made it through.

Gabby Barrett

This was one of the better performances of the night. She sang American Idol alum Carrie Underwood’s Good Girl not unlike Carrie Underwood. Her second song was even better. This girl has definitely got some pipes.

Michael J. Woodard

He sang Ed Sheeran’s Make It Rain and totally annihilated it. I think he may even sing it better than Ed Sheeran. I actually don’t get the big whoop about Ed Sheeran. Now I’ve written the words “Ed Sheeran” too much and it’s gotten weird. Ed Sheeran.

Brielle Rathbun

You don’t expect a young girl like her to have as sexy and sultry a voice as Brielle has. Like, it’s not the strongest voice but it’s definitely pleasant to listen to. She easily got a golden ticket.

Carly Moffa

You know who she reminds me of? Florence from Florence and The Machine. That’s definitely a good thing. The judges were rightly wowed by her and she’s definitely go rock star material.

Mylon Shamble

When you sing a classic like Stand By Me which we all know so well, you had better bring it and she did. Katy Perry said it was the best version of the song she’s ever heard.

Caitlin Lucia

Caitlin sang a slowed down, twangy version of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl. It was ballsy to do this in front of Katy, but luckily it worked for her. So, props.

Drake Milligan

Drake is an Elvis impersonator and his voice is like a mix of Elvis and George Strait, so it’s great that he wants to sing country music. He’s maybe the best country singer who’s come on the show so far.

Ada Vox

Ada auditioned and got into the top 50 as Adam Sanders but decided to come back in his drag persona Ada Vox. This girl has an incredible voice. Like, seriously incredible. Most drag queens can’t sing. Ada can.

Samuel Swanson

SOULFUL. He sang Let’s Stay Together and impressed the hell out of the judges, if a little timid in moments, holy crap. One of the best of the night.


Jurnee is going through some stuff, with her wife about to be deployed in the army, but she’s going to Hollywood after singing Andra Day’s Rise Up amazingly well. She might be in the top 10.

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