‘AGT’ Host Terry Crews Needs No Excuse to Take His Shirt Off and We’re Not Mad

Catherine DiMeglio
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As we know, our beloved America’s Got Talent host, Terry Crews has quite an amazing physique. It’s definitely no surprise that he likes to show it off from time to time, and we’re not mad about it. The former NFL player and bodybuilder has had quite a few standout moments with his shirt off through the years. Here are some of our favorite shirtless moments from Crews.

Terry Crews Celebrates the AGT Finals

Crews doesn’t need much of a reason to take his shirt off. But the America’s Got Talent finals sure called for some celebration. In his latest post, the AGT host is filmed dancing shirtless to “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi. Here, he sports some signature popping and locking while holding several glow sticks. He even blows a whistle to the beat for a little extra flare. Not a bad way to kickoff the season 16 finals if you ask me.

Lewberger Dedicates a Song to the AGT Host

Musical comedy trio, Lewberger, took to the AGT stage this season. Their audition consisted of a song dedicated to the one and only Crews.

“Terry Crews, we wanna be you, Terry Crews we wanna see you, with your shirt off, please take off your shirt and flex your pecs to the beat,” the group sang.

Of course, he just couldn’t resist getting in on the action in the end. In a hilarious on-stage moment, Crews emerged shirtless from the sidelines, and accompanied the trio with his flute playing skills. In this case, it was a completely legitimate reason for the host to be half-naked on stage.

73-Year-Old Bodybuilder Flexes with Crews on the AGT Stage

Last year, 73-year-old body builder, Josefina Monasterio, showed off her stellar physique on America’s Got Talent. Despite her age, she showed the world that you can be fit and fierce at any age. In her act, the charismatic Josefina showed-off her muscles in a series of poses. Before the conclusion of her act, Crews stepped out on stage to join her in a flexing contest. This had the audience on their feet as they erupted in applause for the incredibly fit pair.

Battle of the Shirtless Flute Players

In 2019, Brandon Coprich auditioned for America’s Got Talent as a flautist. His seemingly clean cut and proper persona quickly came with a twist as his classical rendition turned into a full-on strip routine. In the middle of the act, Brandon stripped down to nothing but a pair of black shorts and a bowtie. All the while playing the flute to Ginuwine’s “Pony.” As a flute player himself, Crews decided to come out and show him how it’s done. Shirtless of course.

Terry Crews for Old Spice

The Old Spice ads are known for featuring a number of handsome shirtless men in their quirky commercials. Crews in particular, had a role in a number of hilarious ads for the male grooming brand. In this space, the all-around entertainer flaunts the products with charisma, flare, and of course, a near-naked body.

Terry Crews on Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Earlier this year, Crews was featured on an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. In this series, thrill-seeker and nature expert, Bear Grylls, invites celebrities on his wild explorations. On his episode, Crews took part in a number of crazy stunts while on location in Iceland.

By the looks of it, there were no circumstances that would have been a good time for him to rip his shirt off. But leave it to our favorite AGT host to find a way. In a promo for the episode, Crews can bee seen holding a large hunting knife in just a pair of cargo pants. He even takes a moment to swim with Grylls in a freezing Icelandic river. While it probably wasn’t practical, he definitely looked tough.

His Iconic Role in White Chicks

Okay, I couldn’t put a Crews list together without mentioning the film, White Chicks. In this iconic 2004 classic, Crews stars along Shawn and Marlon Wayans as his character, Latrell Spencer. On more than one occasion, Crews commands the scene while shirtless.

One of the most memorable moments is the club scene, where Latrell Spencer hilariously dances and spins while holding glow sticks. Much like his little performance for the AGT finale, which was a clear reference to the film. Of course, we also can’t forget about the famous beach scene. Here, Crews is oiled up head to toe in nothing but a Speedo as he takes the beach by storm.

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