‘Alter Ego’s Dipper Scott Releases First Song Produced by Will.I.Am

Corey Cesare
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Dipper Scott Alter EgoPatrick Wymore/FOX

Dipper Scott was crowned as the first ever winner of FOX’s newest competition show Alter Ego. The Alter Ego winner has officially released his first single produced by judge Will.I.Am. If you loved Dipper Scott on the series, you don’t want to miss this.

Fans loved Dipper Scott’s silky smooth voice, so I’m sure fans of the series will love his new song. His song “Sanity” was originally shared to YouTube on the day he won the series. “Sanity” has now began to get traction on Instagram.

Even though the singer hasn’t shared an official announcement of this song releasing, his friends from the show have hyped it up. “Sanity” is a slow song about someone maintaining their mental health after a significant person leaves their life. The song has beautiful music behind Dipper Scott’s voice. Background music features an electronic beat and string instruments that beautifully compliment his voice. “Sanity” shows off the singer’s beautiful range.

The face behind Dipper Scott, Jake Thomsen, hasn’t shared much to his Instagram since winning the series. His most recent post is a video featuring singer Jimmy Deve. Within the video Thomsen is playing piano and Deve is playing guitar. The caption of the post states that the friends had a jam session and clicked record in the process.

Thomsen’s Alter Ego character also has social media that has been untouched since winning the series.

Dipper Scott Wins Season One of Alter Ego

Dipper Scott was a clear winner since the competition even started. From the beginning, the judges absolutely loved his personality, voice, and virtual character. Throughout the competition Thomsen expressed that he used Dipper Scott as a way to perform even with his ongoing health issues.

Thomsen shared his struggles with crohn’s disease throughout the season. After winning, he shared that he was in the hospital at the beginning of filming. Due to the nature of the issue, he thought that he would have to withdraw from the competition.

Near the end of the competition, he shared that he would use the prize money to pay off his medical bills. Regardless of winning status, Will.I.Am. offered to pay the bills to take pressure off the singer. After the season was over, Thomsen shared that he and Will.I.Am has some great songs on the way. It seems like fans can expect more songs like “Sanity” in the near future.

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