Alesha Dixon Discusses Being A Woman of Color On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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The entertainment industry can be tough to navigate for women. It’s a sad fact that it’s still happening in 2018 but it’s true. As a veteran of the entertainment trenches I can tell you that is the case. Add to that being a woman of color and you’ve definitely got a steep road to climb. But Alesha Dixon does it with grace and style…but that doesn’t mean it’s not a struggle.

The entertainment industry is still very much a male dominated field. There is a lot of testosterone flying around a TV set. Hell, she sits next to Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent and that guy is a giant ball of testosterone. Then you have the fact that it is also predominantly dominated by White people. Has Alesha had to struggle to get noticed. Yes. She says,

“I’d be lying if I did not say that being a woman of colour is something I am always mindful or aware of. I have definitely had times in my career where I have wondered whether I have had to work a bit harder, prove myself more, but I would never want to be in a position where I am saying, ‘Oh, I did not get that job because of my race’. I would never try to use it as an excuse. I know I am in a good position but there is still that drive that keeps me going.”

When Britain’s Got Talent returns on April 14th Alesha will be there to do her job, which she does so well. Simon recently said he can’t imagine changing the panel on BGT anytime soon. So, Alesha has a that gig for the foreseeable future.



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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