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Is Terry Crews’ “Leg Day” Routine a Response to Haters?

Terry Crews/Instagram

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Terry Crews is infamous for his chiseled physique. Still, the America’s Got Talent host took his gym routine to social media after body shamers trolled his comment section earlier this month. In the post, Crews casually lounged in a pool on a pizza-shaped float. A number of haters jumped at the opportunity to point out that Crews’ body resembled the triangular pizza. “Terry skips leg day” and “Leg days?” were just some of the comments thrown around about the 245 pound former NFL player. 

Crews Sticks it to the Haters

Crews took this chance to stick it to the body shamers. He posted a workout video on instagram asking for tips to improve his squat mobility. That’s right Terry, show ‘em what you’re made of.

The response to this post has been insanely positive. A number of verified profiles took time to provide tips and advise Crews’ on his form. They also shared a variety of resources to support the actor and bodybuilder. 


@realchefrush shares: “I have to say @mikeohearn is the master in that range…he’ll have you in a wheelchair for a week. (ok FYI I was not referencing White Chicks)” 

Crews isn’t the only gym bro getting roasted on the internet for “skipping leg day.” Chris Hemsworth was also blasted recently for his relatively small calves in comparison to his “Thor” upper body. In Crew’s case, his lack of leg development could be due to his bodybuilding days.

“When you get older one of the first body parts to go are the quads. How many times do you see bodybuilders in the Olympia where the first thing you notice that atrophies is the leg development,” explained YouTube fitness blog More Plates More Dates in a video referencing Crews’ routine.

#Legday Sweeps Social Media

In recent years, the stigma around men not training legs in the gym has become a notable running joke. The number of memes alone on the subject is astronomical. Tik Tok even has a hashtag dedicated to lower body fitness. #legday has over 3.7 billion views on the platform and counting. 


In the gym world, training the lower body has been stereotyped as feminine. In 2021, the look is all about having nice legs and a Kim K booty, so it is easy to see why this stigma is set in place. But leave it to social media to show us why “every day is leg day” for both men and women.

Let’s all remember to stay kind to one another in the comments. Women are not the only ones who face body shaming haters on the internet. Our favorite AGT host is just a recent example of the kind of hate men face on the daily as well.

Either way, I don’t think Crews will be skipping leg day again. (Don’t come for my man Terry again though!) 

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