‘Bring The Funny’: Who Won The Comedy Clash? With Lewberger

Lauren Ashley Beck
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Bring The Funny comics set the stage on fire during the first Comedy Clash round Tuesday night. Tune in to our recap of the fifth BTF episode featuring special guest, Lewberger.

Bring The Funny Recap: Comedy Clash!

The Comedy Clash round did not disappoint! In Tuesday nights episode we saw comics go head-to-head and face off for a chance to advance to the semi-finals round.

Jarred Fell vs. Randy Feltface

Okay, this was CLEARLY the biggest upset of the comedy clash round and here’s why. Magician Jarred Fell joined by Kenan Thompson took to the BTF stage in hopes of one thing…laughter. While Jarred got the laughs it was difficult to say who would take the cake on this round.

Enter our favorite purple puppet Randy Feltface. In typical FeltFace fashion, Randy left the entire room roaring with laughter. SPOILER ALERT. Randy went home!

We just can’t understand how the judges came to this conclusion. Yes, Jarred’s act was hilarious but our dear pal Randy was ultimately left snubbed. Twitter fingers couldn’t have agreed more, and we have to say we think the judges got it wrong on this one.

Tacarra Williams vs. Jesus Trejo

NBC Tacarra Willaims – Bring The Funny

This was a match up of the ages! Both comics ALWAYS bring it so it was a complete toss up as to who would advance. Ultimately, Tacarra won by a hair according to Bring The Funny judge, Jeff Foxworthy.

This was probably the toughest face-off to judge and we absolutely loved both acts. Maybe Bring The Funny will do a wild card round and bring back some of our favorites!

JK Studios vs. Kids These Days

NBC JK Studios – Bring The Funny

JK Studios faced off against sketch comedy group Kids These Days. JK poked fun at the vegan, dream-journaling, yogi that everyone has become in 2019. Kids These Days took the Boy Band approach, singing bars about equal pay for women.

Both acts were awesome but only one act could advance. Drum roll please…JK Studios advances on!

Morgan Jay vs. Kristin Key

NBC Morgan Jay – Bring The Funny

Our Talent Recap host Jackie Schultz LOVES musical comedy genius Kristin Key. Morgan Jay is a close second especially with his new jingle titled dot dot dot. Both acts were completely relatable.

Morgan Jay is even selling dot dot dot t-shirts and for good reason as he advanced on to the next round.

Lewberger: The Viral Online Sensational Comedy Group

NBC Lewberger – Bring The Funny

2/3 of Lewberger sat down with Jackie and Lauren-Ashley to discuss their Bring The Funny experience. Hughie Stone Fish and Alex Lewis are just as amazing off camera as they are on camera! The boys even serenaded the ladies with an original song about drunk texting.

After a rapid fire game we found that Alex and Hughie are so in-sync, which gives weight to why they are the perfect musical comedy band out there! We also learned that Hughie would rather have hair made out of spaghetti than maple syrup sweat. (You’ll have to tune in to know exactly what we’re referring to)

Lewberger’s viral song “Facts About The Vagina”

You can catch all of the members of Lewberger on August 13th for their Comedy Clash round. We have a feeling they’re definitely headed to the semi-finals, and we can’t wait to see who they face-off against!

Tune in to Bring The Funny Tuesday evenings at 10pm on NBC.

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