Terry Crews: the Man We’ve Loved for ‘A Thousand Miles’

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For most, the first memories we have of Terry Crews date back to his iconic 2004 role in White Chicks. We all know the moment in which we became obsessed with the now-host of America’s Got Talent, and it wasn’t when watching his pecs dance, it was singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles.”

In the movie, nay film, Crews plays Latrell Spencer, a former basketball star who becomes obsessed with heiress Tiffany Wilson. What he doesn’t realize (like, how does he not realize this?) is Tiffany is disguised undercover detective, Marcus Copeland, played by Marlon Wayans. While Crews attempts to woo the man behind the mask, chaos ensues, but not before gracing us with comedy gold.

When Crews (aka Spencer) picks Wayans (aka Copeland aka Wilson) up for a date, Wayans turns on a song that he feels is so annoying and basic, Crews would want to end the date right then and there.

Oh no. Crews may look slightly confused at first, but he quickly bursts out “How did you know? I love this song!” and proceeds to sing along. We’ve been obsessed with Crews ever since.

Crews is a True Man of the People

Now, Crews knows his strengths, and he knows his audience. With that in mind, this glorious human has graced us with the throwback content we all deserve.

Accompanied by Michael Le and Jonathan “Mini Mike” Le of TikTok fame, Crews posted on Instagram a recreation of his most infamous scene. While he lip-synchs to his greatest song, a wig is passed back and forth between the two passengers in a hilarious nod to White Chicks.

On his own Instagram, Michael Le shared in his excitement over the moment like any of us would.

“He let us recreate the iconic ‘white chicks’ scene, my life has official peaked,” he wrote.

Catch more of Crews’ antics and pranks this season on America’s Got Talent returning June 1 on NBC.


Taylor Fox
Taylor Fox

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