AGT Fans Outraged Over Sophie Pecora Elimination — Can she come back as a wildcard?

Mriganka Chawla
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Last night all Sophie Pecora fans’ hearts were broken—we’re all crying.

O.G. Youtuber Shane Dawson calling Sophie Pecora his daughter.

Sophie Pecora was the 15-year-old girl that first wowed us in Shane Dawson’s videos and I don’t know about you, but I was low key rooting for the little girl we saw a year ago. So, when I saw her in the AGT auditions, I was ecstatic.

Shane Dawson adopted Sophia Pecora because…

Sophie’s song covers caught the heart of every body’s favorite YouTube sensation, Shane Dawson. He invited Sophie’s entire family over, and together with Dawson’s friends, who we all also love, support, watch and love some more—anyways, we love you Ryland Adams, Garrett Watts and Morgan Adams.

Sophie released the song “Best Friends for Cheddar” which has nearly 2 million views on YouTube. In case you didn’t know, Cheddar is Shane’s cat and is awwdorable.

Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams, Garrett Watt singing with Sophie Pecora

Brad Paisley gave Sophie Pecora his Golden Buzzer

On night one of the Judge Cuts on “America’s Got Talent” season 14 that aired on July 16th, guest judge Brad Paisley gave his golden buzzer to Sophie Pecora. The singer/songwriter performed her original song, “Misfits” and made everyone in the studio and viewers emotional.
Sophie Pecora scores the golden buzzer from Brad Paisley in the judge cut.

Sophie Pecora’s elmination in the AGT Quarter Finals

After Tuesday night’s first round of live quarterfinals, ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 14 returned on Wednesday night with the results. 

Of the 12 acts that originally performed on America’s Got Talent, only 7 made it to the live AGT semifinals. That is when host Terry Crews revealed the acts that were in the bottom three and faced elimination. 

The bottom three contestants were wildcard entry Ansley Burns, Sophie Pecora The Emerald Belles. Luckily one act could be saved through fan votes on Twitter.

The voting lines were closed at the end of the episode and once the votes were rallied, 13-year-old Burns was saved by fans. Pecora and The Emerald Belles were eliminated. 

Many fans felt that Burns’ cover of Leann Rimes’ ‘Swingin’ during the quarterfinals was not better than Pecora’s original song ‘Happy in LA’. 

Sophie Pecora singing in the quarter finals.

Choosing Ansley Burns over Sophie Pecora has hurt fans.

The results have left many fans disappointed, hurt and sad.

From her audition performance till the live quarterfinals, Pecora has sung original songs composed and played by her on the guitar. Most people online claimed Pecora rightfully deserved the spot because of her talents and although burns had a good voice, Pecora outshone her.

The twitter Outrage over Sophie Pecora’s elimination is real.

Fans from all over the world aren’t happy.

Although some fans are hopeful that Sophie will be the next wildcard. Do you want Sophie to come back?

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