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‘AGT: Extreme’ Recap: Two Acts Get Golden Buzzers in Epic Season Premiere

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Episode one of AGT: Extreme was absolutely on fire. The new spin off series lived up to the hype in the previews with dangerous acts. Two out of five of the golden buzzers have officially been awarded. One went to drone nerds Verge Aero for their 160 drone choreography, while the other went to Aaron Wheelz for his WCMX.

Contestants are competing for $500,000 and the title of the champion of America’s Got Talent: Extreme. Going further into the competition, “super fans” from all over America will vote for the winner of the series. The vote is not live, or open to all fans.

This series provides a larger stage for some of America’s Got Talent‘s most dangerous acts. These first acts definitely did not disappoint in that aspect. The episode began with 33 year old Aaron Evans who performed parkour and extreme stunts. He shocked the audience by jumping over three Mclaren cars repeatedly. The judges were stunned by the skill and level of talent that went into this act, and will be continuing on to the next round.

With such a wild first act, it was clear that AGT: Extreme is no joke. The episode got even more insane as the night went on.

Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella Hit Golden Buzzers in AGT: Extreme Premiere

The first Golden Buzzer was given to the drone group Verge Aero, while the second was given to WCMX performer Aaron Wheelz. Verge Aero creates drone light shows and their audition consisted of drone choreography that was quite impressive. They aligned 160 drones in the sky to create images, like the AGT: Extreme logo. Cowell labeled their act as spectacular before awarding them with the Golden Buzzer.

Wheelz shared that he was unable to bike when he was younger due to his spina bifida, but still loved going to the skate park. Since he was given a set of wheels underneath him he learned to recreate BMX moves using his wheelchair.

In his audition, he climbed to the top of the ramp where the judges met him. He rode down the ramp at high speed and flipped in the air, it was super impressive, but he didn’t land on the first try. Cowell wanted the daredevil to end his audition with only one run, but Wheelz disagreed. His second run went a lot better and he landed the trick. The perseverance shown led Nikki Bella to hit the Golden Buzzer.


Six Acts Continue on to Next Round

The AGT: Extreme stage saw two Guinness World Record holders on its first episode, David “The Bullet” Smith and Jenna Bandy. David is known for being a human cannonball and currently holds six Guinness World Records. He’s been a human cannonball for 25 years and is living out his family legacy. This daredevil impressed the judges by pointing the cannon steeper than ever while aiming to clear a ring of fire.

Jenna attempted to break her world record on the stage by throwing a football 91 feet away at a target, but failed. She was the only act of the night to not continue on in the competition. On top of being a Guinness World Record holder, the contestant shared that she is a full time content creator/influencer.

YouTube stars the Joogsquad was another social media-based act in this episode of auditions. Their audition consisted of lighting one member on fire and having him jump into a pool of gasoline. Then, another fell onto a trampoline of mouse traps and legos. The last member skim boarded over fire water. They continued on to the next round of the compeition, even though the beginning of their act was very slow.

Leeky Da Bikestar was another social media star that auditioned. He’s known for doing street motocross around New York City. This was definitely one of my favorite acts because of the skill that goes into it. The show recreated New York City traffic to help him show off his skills correctly. He weaved in and out of cars on one wheel and performed other shocking tricks.

Judge Travis Pastrana pointed out how wild the street motocrossers tricks were. Leeky shared that his bike has not been modified, so he doesn’t have a second brake on his handlebars which is unheard of for professionals performing these stunts.

AGT Extreme will continue with more auditions next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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