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‘AGT Extreme’ Recap: Travis Pastrana Hits the Golden Buzzer During Final Night of Auditions

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AGT: Extreme premiered their third round of auditions on TV tonight. The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally happened this episode, Travis Pastrana hit his AGT: Extreme Golden Buzzer for breakaway sway pole artist, Cyndel Flores.

Travis Pastrana Awards His Golden Buzzer to AGT: Extreme Breakaway Sway Pole Artist

The sway pole artist took the stage with confidence. She explained that her mom was one of the first females to perform on the sway pole, so now it’s her turn to live out the legacy. In the act, Cyndel climbed 65 feet up the pole before performing any type of trick. The key to her success is both balance and ignoring the heights. The contestant shared that she performs without her glasses on since she’s afraid of heights.

The judges and audience were impressed when they saw Cyndel’s routine, given the wet conditions. She wasn’t tied in and there was no mat underneath her, so it could’ve taken a wrong turn at any moment. The daredevil managed to scare the audience on her dismount since the pole broke away and she held on until she was no longer swinging across the ground. Both Pastrana and Bella gave notes to Cyndel, but Travis Pastrana didn’t want to wait to give Cyndel his AGT: Extreme golden buzzer. He hit the buzzer before Cowell could vote.


The Ultimate Danger Acts Steal The Show

Dr. Danger and Mary began the night with the most unique act yet. The danger duo met at a birthday party and have been connected at the hip since Mary agreed to be lit on fire. Prior to the show, they had toured together. Dr. Danger is almost 60 years old and has always been a daredevil. They practically performed a play while also on fire. In their act they were kidnapped and lit on fire and were given the challenge to find one another. They had Terry Crews narrate the situation, so it seemed more romantic than it really was. This was definitely the act with the most fire, but I wouldn’t say it was the most interesting of all. The narration actually felt a bit tacky.

The judges also felt like this act wouldn’t be captivating in the long run. Two out of three judges gave Dr. Danger and Mary a yes. They will continue on in the competition.

17 year old Chloe Chambers took to the stage after Dr. Danger and Mary. While many people her age are just getting their licenses, Chambers is a racecar driver. Prior to driving cars, Chambers had learned to drive and compete in a go-kart. She currently holds the Guinness World Record for Fastest Vehicle Slalom. To qualify for this record she had to maneuver a production vehicle through a course of cones.

This act was second nature for Chambers since her father also races. While many want to be the best at what they do, Chambers strives to not only be the best female driver, but best overall.

For her audition, she did a kick plate, which is when a driver purposely puts the car into a skid and spins as it loses rear wheel traction. From there, she showed off her speed on a Slalom track. Even though she showed off her speed by competing with Simon Cowell, Chambers didn’t prove herself enough to get a “yes” from Pastrana. Both Cowell and Bella voted for this racecar driver to continue in the compeition.

Soon after, Bruce Cook took to the giant stage. Before his audition, he shared that he became paralyzed while attempting to do a double frontflip on a dirt bike. Even though he had insane injuries, it hasn’t kept him off a bike. For his audition, he performed a vertical backflip on a dirt bike. It was extremely impressive since flipping a bike is truly a full body operation. The audience and judges love his resilience, he is continuing on in the competition.


Unique Acts Pop Up In The Last Episode

On top of the wild acts of the night, there were a few that fell a bit flat on the stage. I wasn’t a huge fan of Shemika Campbell, NomNomSammieBoy or America’s Little Sisters. While each of these acts showed something off to the audience, it wasn’t always super extreme.

Out of all of the three acts, Shemika Campbell had the right idea. Campbell is a limbo dancer who previously auditioned for America’s Got Talent. She was eliminated for being too much like a family party act. Her audition was released ahead of time, so I really just wanted to hear the judges’ opinion. After her audition, both Bella and Cowell were in awe of the dancer. Pastrana on the other hand, said that he was trying to determine if this performance was interesting enough to let her continue on. The dancer promised Pastrana to bring it up a level for the next episode, so she will be returning next week.

My least favorite act of the night was NomNomSammieBoy. He was the only food oriented act the spin off stage has seen and it might have been for a good reason. He began by eating hot dogs, then rolled around in coleslaw, and had Crews shoot strawberries and chocolate at his face. The audience and judges hated NomNomSammieBoy, just like all the competitive eaters the show has ever seen. Both Pastrana and Bella hit their red buzzer during the act, Cowell admitted he was waiting it out to see if anything would happen. NomNomSammieBoy did not make it to the next round.

Last but certainly not least, America’s Little Sisters took the stage to jello wrestle. The four girls all went into their own pools filled with jello and beat up the jello. Bella did not look impressed at all during this audition. This group got three red buzzers instead of three yeses. They will not be continuing on in the compeition. The episode ended with Bella, Pastrana and Crews playing around in the jello.

The finale takes place next Monday at 8 p.m. ET. Each act will perform one last time before the judges crown the first ever champion of America’s Got Talent: Extreme.

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