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‘AGT: Extreme’ Recap: Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders Win After Extraordinary Performance

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The America’s Got Talent spin off began with four more auditions and ended with the crowning of the first ever AGT: Extreme Champion, Alfredo Silva‘s Cage Riders. Before the competition got intense, Erika Lemay earned the second ever group golden buzzer in AGT history.

The Second Ever America’s Got Talent Group Golden Buzzer is Awarded

Erika Lemay took to the AGT: Extreme stage to redeem herself after an injury in 2018. This aerial artist found her love of the art from wanting to fly as a child, but had a life changing injury in a performance. Erika hurt her shoulder so bad that she had to take two years to bring her body back to peak performance quality. This artist chose not to let her injury define her, so she took to the AGT: Extreme stage. She did stunning aerial work on silks attached to a bunch of balloons high in the sky.

The judges and host all agreed that they would’ve given her a golden buzzer if they had one left. After an intense discussion, Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, Travis Pastrana, and Terry Crews gave Erika Lemay the honorary group golden buzzer. This contestant is the second ever in AGT history to receive this honor after Victory Brinker in America’s Got Talent season 16.

Four More Acts Audition

Nerveless Nocks took to the AGT: Extreme stage first in the finale. Fans have been dying to know how these contestants did after seeing a sneak peak. This father-daughter duo took to their sway poles and impressed the audience by swaying toward one another until they swapped poles 80 feet off the ground. They got three yeses from the judges.

32 year old Will Brandon took to the stage after Nerveless Nocks. This contestant shared that he is a fire performer, specifically a dancer. He said dancing with fire was like something he had never done before. The dancer moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fire dance. When he dances with fire he wraps the rope around his neck, which is extremely dangerous. The audience was stunned by Will’s moves, but the judges kept a poker face throughout the performance. Even though the judges talked highly of this act, Pastrana said no. Bella and Cowell said yes.

Following this act, JCB Dancing Diggers auditioned for the series. This team is a group that gets heavy equipment to dance to music in a choreographed fashion. They began doing this as a way to show off how much the equipment can handle. Cowell couldn’t believe that the group was going to dance in the diggers. The dance was rather slow but extremely controlled. Pastrana said no, while Bella and Cowell said yes to this group.

AGT: Extreme Crowns The Ultimate Winner

To split the two segments of the epsiode up, Avril Lavigne performed with Travis Barker while Pastrana and other Nitro Circus members did bmx tricks in front of the stage. Once the guest performance was over, the show once again reminded the audience that two acts were going head-to-head for the chance to win $500,000. The judges returned to their panel before bringing the golden buzzer recipients on stage.

Crews announced that there are two more spots in the finale other than the golden buzzer recipients. He then shared that superfans chose parkour performer Aaron Evans and fire wire walker Jade Kindar-Martin. Up next they announced the superfans Top 4 out of the golden buzzer recipients and two added acts. The Top 4 consisted of Wheelz, Erika Lemay, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders, and Jade Kindar-Martin.

Next they did the individual eliminations in groups of two. Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders was voted into the Top 2 instead of Erika Lemay. Wheelz was voted into the Top 2 instead of Jade Kindar-Martin. Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders battled head-to-head with Wheelz for the win.

Wheelz, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders Compete For The Grand Prize

Wheelz was the first of the Top 2 to take to the AGT: Extreme stage. He shared that he stepped up his game and prepared his most dangerous act for the finale. In his audition he performed a front flip, so he decided to do a backflip for the finale.

Pastrana was worried about this performer going into his final flip. The Nitro Circus ring master said that he saw Wheelz wipe out while attempting the backflip over a hundred times on his first attempt. Wheelz went back up the ramp after wiping out on his first try. On his second try he wiped out once again. Even though Wheelz couldn’t land the trick, the judges reminded him that he’s the only one who can do what he does.

Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders took to the stage following Wheelz. Their finale performance featured more stunts and more riders. They added one more rider (four in total) inside of the globe of death that’s meant for three people. Before they took to the stage, Pastrana expressed how dangerous this act truly is, they’re exponentially increasing the amount of danger. The group once again gave a stunning performance. Cowell called this performance an 11 out of ten.

After the judges’ notes, Wheelz took to the stage with the cage riders. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that superfans picked Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders as the winners. This group left the compeition with $500,000. This was Alfredo’s first ever Got Talent win. Before the credits rolled, Terry Crews announced that America’s Got Talent will return this summer. This series begins filming on April 1 in Pasadena, California.

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