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Adam Levine Details Navigating Las Vegas Residency, New Maroon 5 Tracks

Maroon 5 at Audacy's 10th Annual We Can Survive ConcertPhoto by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Audacy

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Maroon 5 is clearly having the best time in Las Vegas, Nevada. Frontman Adam Levine has recently opened up about the band’s thought process in keeping their residency in Sin City as exciting as possible.

Adam Levine Talks Maroon 5’s Las Vegas Residency Extension

During their recent interview with Audacy at their We Can Survive Concert, Adam Levine and James Valentine discussed their upcoming music and their time in Las Vegas. According to Levine, they weren’t sure at first how the residency would pan out as “there aren’t too many bands there.”

“Because we just kinda go and play, we don’t have many bells and whistles. And we had to figure out how to exist in the Vegas world and still have something that was compelling and fun… And I think we did,” he said.

Levine went on to state that the band initially had mixed emotions about their time in Vegas, but they have eventually learned to love the experience. As per Levine, they managed to do so because their time there was a “weird new thing.”

“I think when you spend your life traveling and going to everyone which is fun,” he said. “It’s kind of rad to have everybody come to you.”


Valentine then chimed in, stating that the energy of the crowd has been great as well. The band’s residency will continue next year. Apart from that, Levine and Valentine shared that they will also be bringing new music in 2024.

In addition to the band’s Las Vegas residency, they’ve recently released new music. If you missed it, Maroon 5 released a new song, “Middle Ground” featuring Mickey Guyton. Luckily, for the band, the collaboration was a smooth-sailing process.

“It was pretty organic, we thought it just needed kind of a female touch. And she’s just such an interesting figure in music as well, and we just thought it’d be cool,” he said. “We reach out and she said ‘let’s do it,’ and I was like ‘cool, here we go,’ and we did it. It was really simple and easy.”

He Shares How He Manages His Mental Health

The Maroon 5 frontman is no stranger from the depths and threats of mental health. Nonetheless, he always makes sure to turn to family where he draws strengths from.

“For me, at this point, it’s just 100% about my family, just being with my family, being with my wife and kids, and just being kind of away from everything,” he said.

According to the “Payphone” vocalist, it’s important for him to “completely detach from the insanity of the world.” That way, he can keep going.

Levine and Valentine also shared that minding their physical fitness is also a beneficial practice. The two mentioned tennis, pickleball, and basketball as their ways to manage their physical health.  

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