10 Spooky ‘Got Talent’ Auditions You Should Watch This Halloween

10 Spooky Auditions That Will Make You Afraid of the Dark! Talent Recap ThumbnailTalent Recap via YouTube

Halloween might just be around the corner, but that’s not stopping us from reliving the spookiest Got Talent acts ever. Throughout Got Talent history, audiences and judges were able to witness not only funny acts, but frightening ones as well. Let’s take a look at the 10 must-watch spooky auditions in Got Talent.

1. Brotherhood

Brotherhood group of magician and stunt performers from series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent. Wearing a mysterious mask throughout their audition, Brotherhood played with Dec and Simon Cowell. Within one of the four boxes, they placed a samurai sword, demanding Cowell to choose three boxes where Brotherhood would jump and fall on.

2. Sacred Riana

An illusionist from America’s Got Talent season 13, Sacred Riana scared everyone with her believable gesture. However, when she turned an illusionary friend into a Sacred Riana look alike, Mel B was forced to walked out in the judges’ table.

3. The Witch

The Witch is a magician who performed a horror act during auditions. Presenting a bag of apples to the judges, the Witch asked David Walliams and Alesha Dixon to bite good apples. However, when it’s Amanda Holden’s turn to bite, the exciting part happens.

4. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a magician during series 13 of Britain’s Got Talent. Making an eerie impression, Elizabeth narrated a terrifying story about theaters of the West End. Using Holden to perform her magic, she shocked everyone when she swiftly converted into a different person and changed back to herself.

5. Miki Dark

Coming back from Holland’s Got Talent, Miki Dark joined AGT: The Champions 2. He staged magic by asking Heidi Klum and Terry Crews to assist him. Miki Dark is a mix of fear and excitement, prompting the audience to give him a standing ovation.

6. TNG Characters

Dressed as clowns, TNG Characters is a dance troupe from series 11 of Britain’s Got Talent. This group brought the audiences and judges into a scary yet fun level of entertainment when they ran down the back stairs and appeared surprisingly in front of the judges.

7. Klek Entos

Klek Entos was a magician who joined season 16 of America’s Got Talent. Not revealing his face during audition, he stunned everyone when he made an illustration out of black ink drops into reality.

8. Nicholas Wallace

Nicholas Wallas was a magician from season 14 of America’s Got Talent, bringing a rocking chair and a doll to perform his trick. Wallas asked Gabrielle Union to sit on the chair, impressively guessing her random movements through the doll.

9. The Phantom

The Phantom is an unseen magician from series 15 of Britain’s Got Talent. Inviting Amanda to be on stage, the Phantom began its impressive act, confusing and stunning everyone at the same time.

10. The Coven

Joining series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent, the Coven revealed themselves on stage wearing white long dresses and face paint. Dancing to a rendition of “It’s a Sin” by Pet Shop Boys, they held and breathe flames during performance.

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