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Judge Alesha Dixon Terrified by Witch Audition on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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One of the most terrifying contestants took to the stage this week on Britain’s Got Talent. A person dressed as a witch with a black cloak, wig, walking stick, and brown sack took the stage with an apple in their hand, terrifying the judges.

The audience was immediately frightened as soon as The Witch took the stage. The contestant’s ominous prescene silenced the audience right away. As soon as the act began, The Witch stated that there are two choices, the good and the evil. They then walked off stage, toward the judges.

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Witch Spooks Judges into Four “Yeses”

The entire act consisted of The Witch making judges pick an apple out of their bag. David Walliams and Alesha Dixon got “good” apples. Amanda Holden on the other hand, had Simon Cowell pick her destiny. Two apples were placed into her hand. Cowell chose the right hand for her, which led to her biting into the “evil” apple. Once Holden took a bite of the apple, another arm appeared out of The Witches cloak.

The other arm broke open an apple filled with cockroaches. Holden screamed when the cockroaches and maggots were placed into her hand. By the end of the act, both Holden and Dixon stood far away from the judging panel.


Even though the judges were scared, they decided to vote The Witch into the next round. After a performance like that, they were curious to see what they’d bring next time around.

While this act seemed to have caused an uproar in the community, some fans think they have figured out The Witch’s true identity. Due to the lack of Ant and Dec’s screen time and their love to prank, fans think they’re behind this costume.

BGT Episode Four Ends With No Golden Buzzers Given

BGT fans were disappointed to see that the Golden Buzzer wasn’t hit during the fourth episode of auditions. Up to this point one Golden Buzzer had been awarded in each episode of the season. Dixon and hosts Ant and Dec have yet to use their buzzers at this time.

Fans of the series took to social media, stating that The Freaks gymnastics group and Voices Of Armed Forces Children’s Choir were snubbed. I totally agree with fans on this call, both groups were quite impressive.

As soon as The Freaks took the stage, it was clear that something magnificent was about to happen. They put on a high energy futuristic routine for the judges. Their audition was in the same vein as AGT’s group Zurcaroh, but with a sci-fi theme. Even though they got a standing ovation and great notes, fans expected more for this group.

Voices of the Armed Forces Children’s Choir came to the stage with an original dedicated to their family in the Armed Forces. This group exceeded expectations of what a child choir is. Their voices mixed with the adorable song and dance were enough to warm anyone’s heart.

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