10 of the Funniest, Weirdest Audition Costumes in ‘Got Talent’ History

Corey Cesare
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Halloween is the time of the year when you can dress up as whatever you want, whenever you want. For some of the greatest, funniest acts in Got Talent history, Halloween isn’t the only day you can dress in ridiculous outfits. These acts come to the stage to entertain and always find a way to get the crowd laughing.

In honor of Halloween, let’s take a look at some Got Talent contestants who definitely have planned ahead for their costume this year. Here are some of the strangest costumes and most funny auditions in Got Talent history.

10. Sethward

If you were watching the last season of America’s Got Talent, you probably remember Sethward. He was definitely known as one of the strangest acts in the live shows but this past season was not his first time auditioning for the show. This is definitely one of the weirdest acts to ever make it on to the AGT stage.

9. Katherine and Joe

This duo took to stage as a Elsa and Sven from Frozen. Their performance was a tap dance spoof of the Disney classic. Throughout the competition Katherine sang the music while Joe tap danced. Joe quickly took the show away with his dance, but many also loved this duo for Katherine’s singing.

8. Dustin’s Dojo

Dustin and Terry took to the America’s Got Talent stage to show off their karate skills. Fans couldn’t take these two seriously considering Terry was practically mute. The only thing he did was turn around to “watch out for attackers.” Even though two of the judges their red buzzer for the pair, Howard Stern hit his golden buzzer for the hilarious pair.

7. Piff the Magic Dragon

To the bare eye, Piff the Magic Dragon is a man wearing a dragon suit, but he’s more than that. On top of being a dragon, Piff is also a magician. He’s known for bringing Heidi Klum on stage for his card based magic trick. It wasn’t the magic that made people laugh, instead it was Piff’s comedic personality.

6. Vitaly Voronko

This accordion player walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and immediately started playing. Instead of listening to the judges when they kept asking what his name was he kept playing a “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. As he finished the song he finally admitted what his name and age was.

5. Pasha and Aliona

Many America’s Got Talent fans were disappointed to see Pasha and Aliona not make it past their audition. Pasha took to the stage and fooled everyone by saying his wife couldn’t make it to the performance. The judges believed him when he said it was his first time doing this performance without his wife. Everyone quickly caught on to the fact that his wife might not be real. He got into a costume of him and what’s supposed to be his wife and did an elaborate tango.

4. Paws with Soul

This dance group immediately dropped the jaws of the judge and audience when they walked on to the Britain’s Got Talent stage in dog and cat costumes. Their choreographed dance was fun, and people were laughing at their ridiculous outfits.

3. Larry the Mime

Instead of asking any questions before the performance, Stern decided to let the AGT contestant start without telling them anything. The mime got four red buzzers before finishing his performance. The judges said the most funny part of this act was the person coming out to give him microphone. After they said their reasoning for the red buzzers, the mime fought them on their decisions.

2. Hudson Brothers

This duo took to the America’s Got Talent stage as hip hop rappers. They sang about girls who are ratchet and cracked the judges up. The only judge that wasn’t amused by the two was Howard Stern. This was before the rise in drag queen popularity so their impersonations were something totally different.

1. The Quiddlers

The Quiddlers took to the America’s Got Talent stage as two police officers, a native american and a sailor. They went through a prop that looks like a staircase and came out “fun” sized. The judges and audience immediately loved their hilarious act. They were extremely surprised by the twist within the act.

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