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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Voice’s Ariana Grande

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I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely thrilled to hear that Ariana Grande was going to be on a coach for this season of The Voice. I’ll admit, I’m a huge Grande fan and always have been, so today I’m going to share 10 fun facts about this pop singer that even some super fans don’t know.

10. She Didn’t get her Start on Nickelodeon

Ariana Grande actually began her career at 15 years-old on Broadway! Her Broadway debut was in the musical Thirteen, where she played the role of Charlotte. Although some die-hard Arianators might have already known this fact, did you know Liz Gillies got her Broadway debut in the same production?

In Thirteen, Gillies played the role of Lucy. These two began their friendship on Broadway and it followed them throughout Victorious and beyond. They are still good friends today.


9. Vocal Rest is Practically Grande’s Middle Name

In the beginning of her career, Grande was known for singing bubble gum pop that was very similar in style to Mariah Carey. In 2013 she went on a media tour to promote her debut album, Yours Truly. Soon after, she learned that her vocals could get really messed up from performing these tones. Since then she’s incorporated vocal health into her daily regimen, but still is on vocal rest between performances on tour.

8. She is the Highest Paid Coach on The Voice

Even though it’s Grande’s first season on The Voice, she’s seriously rolling in the dough from this show. It’s reported that she is making anywhere between $20-$25 millon for this season. To put this into perspective, Kelly Clarkson reportedly makes $14 million per season, and John Legend and Blake Shelton make around $13 million per season.

7. Her Signature Look Came From Extremely Damaged Hair

During her Nickelodeon days, Grande played the iconic character of Cat Valentine. Although Ariana wasn’t the main character on this show, she dyed her hair the color red almost every week. When her career took off, she was either seen rocking a ponytail or a half up half down style. Unfortunately this was not because she liked the style. Her hair was seriously that damaged.

6. Grande Took in Her Dog After Mac Miller Passed Away

In 2017 she adopted Myron with her late boyfriend, Mac Miller. Since Miller’s death in 2018, Ariana has had custody of the pitbull mix. Myron is also the inspiration behind a tattoo cover-up she got in the same year. After saying Thank U Next to Pete Davidson, Grande got her tattoos inspired by him covered up with Myron’s name.

5. Her First Single is Hidden on Vevo

In 2011, she was trying to break her Nickelodeon mold and begin her singing career. During this time she put out “Put Your Hearts Up” which has since been hidden on her Vevo account. She felt the song was inauthentic and childish for her. It makes sense that her label would want her target audience to be the same as Victorious since she was on the show when the song came out. Regardless, this was not the vibe Grande was going for.


4. She is Very on top of her own Mental Health

Grande currently struggles with PTSD and Anxiety following the bombing at her Manchester show in May of 2017. As of 2018 she revealed that therapy has helped her through the coping process, but she still cries a lot when it’s mentioned. In general, 2018 was a rough year for Grande. During this time is when her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller suddenly passed away.

To this day, Ariana is always talking about how therapy has saved her life multiple times. Over the summer she teamed up with BetterHelp to give people the opportunity to get therapy free of cost.

3. Grande has 40 Different Tattoos

I talked about one of her cover-ups earlier, but I wanted to include some others meaningful tattoos she has. In between two of her fingers she has the word “Honeymoon” written in a cursive font. This tattoo was inspired by “Honeymoon Avenue” from her debut album. Seriously a great song if you haven’t heard it.

In between two of her fingers is writing in hebrew. Grande shares this tattoo with her brother Frankie Grande. The tattoo is said to signify the 10th name in the 72 names of God, a Kabbalah teaching. Both Frankie and Ariana got this tattoo soon after they began practicing Kabbalah. The siblings converted to this Judaism-based faith after disagreeing with the catholic church’s stance against the LGBTQ+ community.

2. She has Gotten Sued Because of her Music

The hit song “The Way” featuring Mac Miller was sued for being substantially similar to “Troglodyte” by Jimmy Castor Bunch. On top of that, she also was involved in lawsuits for her songs “One Last Time” in 2016 and “Seven Rings” in 2021.

1. She’s Dropping her own Makeup line

Grande recently revealed that she has been working on her makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty for the past two years. Her makeup lines name came from her hit song “R.E.M.” from her 2018 album Sweetener. The first drop from this line will be all about eyes and will include eyeliner markers, liquid matte eye shadows, mascara and tons of glitter. There is not currently a release date for this first drop, so be sure to stay tuned for updates.

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