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Why The World Is FREAKING OUT Over Twilight’s Prequel ‘Midnight Sun’ Hitting Stores!

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Remember when the hardest decision of your life was whether you were Team Jacob or Team Edward? Well, get ready because a new edition of the “Twilight” saga was just announced. “Midnight Sun” will tell the story of everyone’s favorite couple Bella Swan and Edward Cullen with a twist.

‘Midnight Sun’ Will Be Told From Edward’s Perspective

“Twilight” fans have been anticipating the release of “Midnight Sun” for years after the popular books series broke major records. It is estimated that the films have earned $2.5 billion at the global box office. The first film was released in 2008 and also increased book sales by over $25 million. That is a huge amount of money, so of course, big numbers are also expected for this new book. Author Stephanie Meyer’s announced that this time, Edward and Bella’s love story will be narrated by Edward. This will put a darker twist on their love story through the eyes of a vampire. The other four books in the series are narrated by Bella.

Meyer has taken over a decade to announce this prequel and made sure it was written and edited to perfection. She began writing a manuscript during filming for the first “Twilight” movie and even showed it to the film’s star Robert Pattinson. Her main goal was to take her time with it and put it out when she was ready. And for her, now is the perfect time to give “Twihards,” or “Twilight” fans something to look forward to.



‘Twilight’ Fans Showed Their Excitement on Twitter

Of course, people who grew up reading this series cannot wait for the release of “Midnight Sun.” They continuously reposted a TikTok of a guy dancing to show just how excited they are to read this new take on their favorite love story.

“MIDNIGHT SUN IS OFFICIALLY GONNA BE RELEASED LET’S F*CKING GOOOO EDWARD NATION” said one Twitter user excitedly. She’s very obviously Team Edward. Are there any Jacob fans out their? Edward and Jacob’s vampire/werewolf rivalry in the “Twilight” series is truly iconic.

Another Twitter user wrote “Am I really going to read 672 pages of a book that is the same as another book but in the POV of a different character AND I already read the leaked manuscript in 2008? Of COURSE. #MidnightSun.” This is a reference to when the manuscript was leaked online several years ago causing Meyer to take a break from writing it all together. But we’re happy that she was able to return to writing and is comfortable releasing this book now.

Another said, “POV: it’s Coronavirus season. You’ve been quarantined for 8 weeks. You are bored, lonely, stir crazy and depressed. The future is uncertain and bleak. But THEN…then…Stephanie Meyer announces the long-awaited release of Midnight Sun. Suddenly everything feels okay.” This tweet is honestly just so relatable.

Other People Are Wondering Why A Prequel Is Necessary

One Twitter user said “tbh I like Twilight but all of the “you should respect Twilight because it made a lot of money” commentary is annoying as hell because it ignores the fact that the books have many issues including sexism, misogyny, and racism and that doesn’t go away just because it’s popular.” Does anyone else feel this way?

Another Twitter user was concerned about who would be cast if “Midnight Sun” is turned into a movie. It seems like the general consensus is that Pattinson and Stewart should both be in the movie, but both have such big film careers now that the likelihood of this is super low. They are also ex’s, so how awkward would that be to work together again?

Regardless of what some people may think about “Twilight,” it truly is a cult phenomenon. It even inspired the steamy romance novel “50 Shades of Grey.” It began as a fan-fiction spinoff based on Edward and Bella’s romance. Only this time, the title characters are named Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The book sold 10 million copies in six weeks. It was even turned into a successful movie franchise.


Let us know if you are excited for this new edition to the Twilight Saga. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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