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Who is Brynn Cartelli? 7 Things To Know About ‘The Voice’ Season 14 Winner


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Brynn Cartelli took the world by storm during season 14 of The Voice. The young singer from Massachusetts was bound to win with her shockingly mature voice. America loved this singer, so I’m sure more fame is headed her way in the upcoming year.

Today, Cartelli is 18 years old and still working on music. With her first album on the way, it’s obvious that she’s only months away from becoming a huge name in pop music again. Here’s seven things to know about this up and coming pop singer in 2022.

1. She Won The Voice on Team Kelly

Cartelli was apart of Team Kelly since her audition. She took to the stage singing “Beneath Your Beautiful” by Labrinth. Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton turned their chairs for her, but she ultimately chose to join Team Kelly. Cartelli was the first person Clarkson ever turned her chair for. On top of being Clarkson’s first chair turn, she was also Clarkson’s first win, in her first season as a coach.


2. She Was 14 at The Time of Her Audition

Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Shelton and Clarkson were shocked when the singer originally said she was 14 years old. Her voice is extremely mature for her age. Fans of The Voice repeatedly questioned how she sounded so amazing at only 14 years old. At the time of her win, she made history as the youngest.

3. She Began Music At a Young(er) Age

Cartelli began her music career in her crib. Before The Voice, it was noted that Cartelli could be seen singing in home videos as early as the age of four. Within her newest music video for her recent release “Jane,” fans can see those videos. “Jane’s” music video features Cartelli playing piano next to a television of her home videos. Reports state that she established herself as a singer in a local theater program at six years old.

4. Cartelli Left Republic Records Soon After The Show

This young singer won the series and signed with Republic Records in May 2018. She signed a deal with Kelly Clarkson’s now ex husband, Brandon Blackstock. It was later revealed that the singer left Republic Records and signed with Atlantic Records in December 2018. Following her record company change, she opened for Clarkson on her Meaning of Life Tour in 2019.

Since November 2019, Cartelli’s songs on streaming say they were created by Elektra Entertainment Group. While some may think the singer signed to a third label, Warner Music Group (the overall parent group) actually relaunched Elektra Records stand-alone.


5. She’s Released 11 Singles and One EP Since The Voice

On May 28, 2021, Cartelli released her debut EP “Based on a True Story.” This EP contains six songs all from her highs and lows in life during high school. She has a history of creating music based from her own experiences, for her single “Long Way Home,” she shared that she stayed off the internet, started travelling and reconnected with friends that reminded her of freedom and youth. She wrote down her experiences in notebooks and pulled inspiration from them.

6. She Graduated High School in 2021

Cartelli was a freshman in high school when she was on The Voice. She is now turning 19 years old in April and seems to be completely dedicated to creating music. The 18 year old has been sharing more videos than ever of her in a recording studio. On top of the recording studio videos, she recently shared a TikTok revealing that she moved into a new apartment in New York City.


7. Cartelli Puts Her Heart and Soul Into Her Music

This young singer creates most of her music based off of experiences in real life. She’s shared that she has a journal filled with experiences, but in last October she shared the exact emotion behind the songs. Cartelli shared a video of her crying over an upcoming song called “Leader.”

“When I say the album is being made with blood, sweat, and tears… I mean 2% blood, 3% sweat, and 95% tears </3 I can’t believe i’m even posting this but you all mean the world to me so I’m taking you along for the process,” she wrote on Instagram.

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