WATCH Zombie Dancers Completely TERRIFY Judges On ‘Central Asia’s Got Talent’

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The dance group called Space Machine from Kyrgyzstan had one of the most terrifying acts ever in the history of the ‘Got Talent’ franchise. They took the stage on Central Asia’s Got Talent and successfully spooked all of the judges with their haunting routine. Check out their performance below and make sure you have someone’s arm to hold onto nearby in case you get scared.

Spooky Zombie Act Space Machine Shook ‘Central Asia’s Got Talent’ Judges

The five dancers launched into some bone-breaking which already had the judges wincing. One dancer popped the bones in and out of his back which was unlike anything we have ever seen before while crouched down in a spider position. Each dancer had their own solo moments during the routine that highlighted each of their individual talents.

One dancer sat in a wheelchair which miraculously moved out from underneath him on its own. The judges were completely freaking out as the dancers dressed in white began doing some robotic tutting and locking dance moves. At the end of the routine, the dancers all gave blank stares to the judges with their frightening white eye contacts making their appearance even scarier.


If you were completely terrified by Space Machine’s act, check out the compilation below. It features 13 of the scariest acts ever on talent shows and of course Space Machine made the cut. They are just of the many bone-chilling acts like Sacred Riana and The Clairvoyants that have totally freaked us out during their routines. Let us know in the comments down below who you think the scariest act of all time is.

Of course, while Space Machine was getting their critiques, they stayed in character and looked like actual zombies. Space Machine received praise from the judges for their very dramatic dance routine and made it all the way to the finale of the show. Central Asia’s Got Talent features talent from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan so you know the competition was stiff. 

The group also performed a Christmas grinch inspired routine that was full of fun and a bit different than their zombie routine. It showed that they are versatile and can do many different styles and a variety of storylines. Singer and fan-favorite Chorshanbe Alovatov from Tajikistan ultimately ended up winning the main prize on the show.

Where Are They Now?

Since appearing on Central Asia’s Got Talent, the group continues to dance together and post a ton of skits and new dances on Instagram and TikTok. Their routines will literally have you questioning whether or not these boys actually have bones. While they only have 1,000 Instagram followers, they deserve all of the hype and recognition for always stepping outside of the box.

They have taken on some pretty viral TikTok challenges that again show off each of their individual talents and skillsets.


What did you think of Space Machine’s super scary Central Asia’s Got Talent performance?


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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