The Voice Recap: Top 11 Performances


We’re back with the Top 11 contestants performing during last night’s episode of The Voice. Tonight we find out who will make it to the Top 10 contestants, and be one step closer to finding out who will be America’s winner this season. This week, the contestants performed to songs that were all selected from their fans, so let’s break down how each performance went.

Pryor Baird (Team Blake) 

Performing to the song Night Moves by Bob Serger was a hit for Pryor. Blake says he continues to get stronger week after week and that America got to see the softer side of Pryor tonight.

Sharane Calister (Team Adam) 

Singing Hero by Mariah Carey in a floor length velvet black gown, Sharane shined tonight. Alicia says she felt a strong connection to her ever since they heard her sing in the blinds. She says the confidence that she’s building is profound. Adam congratulates Sharane because of the difficulty of this song. He says he loves that she sang it in her own way with her style.

Kaleb Lee (Team Kelly) 

Showing a new side to his voice last night was Kaleb. Singing Trouble, Kelly said that America got to see a rock n roll edge side of Kaleb’s country performance and Blake said it was the perfect song choice.

Jackie Foster (Team Alicia) 

Showcasing her rock edge again tonight is Jackie, who performed Love Reign O’er Me. She belted out some difficult notes flawlessly all while rocking a high pony and bedazzled dress suit. Her coach Alicia says that she created an incredible energy to the beautiful song that America chose. Her tribe the “Jack Pack” was surely proud of this performance.

Jackie Verna (Team Adam)

With her fan song pick being Strawberry Wine, Jackie dominated this older hit with a new refreshed version. Her coach Adam praises Jackie for how dynamic she is. Even going so far to say that she’s not just one of the best country singers but one of the best all around singers to hit The Voice stage.

Kyla Jade (Team Blake)

This powerhouse singer was given the Aretha Franklin’s song Sweet Baby Sweet Baby this week, and her confidence soared. At the end of the performance, Alicia said she was so phenomenal and secure that it’s inspiring to watch. Her coach, Blake, says that she has gone from being afraid to step out of the background, to being comfortable front and center, to now dominating this show. That is the ultimate compliment, which tells us this performance was an absolute win for Kyla.

Christiana Danielle (Team Alicia)

Channeling her inner Rhianna, Christiana performed the song Umbrella. Her coach Alicia says that what makes her unique is that she’s so personal and lovable. She says Christiana takes every song and makes it her own.

Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly)

Performing to Lady Gaga’s song You and I, Brynn brings her originality to the piece once again. Kelly says she is so captivating, cool and has an incredible vibe about her that is well beyond her years.

Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam)

Coining the fan base term Rayshun Nation has Rayshun excited and anxious to perform after getting out of the bottom two last week. Singing the song Try a Little Tenderness, Rayshun makes it clear that his passion and energy to entertain is what makes him unique. Adam suggests that he has risen to the top this week, and points out that this is the first time in the show’s history that all coaches stood up before the contestant was even done with the song.

Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia)

Singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran brought a personal touch to Britton this week, who dedicated this song to his girlfriend Livia Faith who was also a part of Season 14. His performance was sincere and soulful, making coach Alicia incredible proud.

Spensha Baker (Team Blake) 

Performing the song Better Man, Spensha ended the night with a touching performance. Her powerful performance led her coach Blake to say that this is proof that she is supposed to be on this show and specifically singing country music.

So there you have it, your Top 11 performances. Who did you vote for? Let us know in the comments!

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