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Trish Stratus Hits The ‘CGT’ Golden Buzzer for Acrobatic Duo Theo and Mila

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Trish Stratus hit her Golden Buzzer during Canada’s Got Talent auditions week four. The WWE icon gave the acrobatic duo, Theo & Mila the greatest honor of all on Tuesday night.

Theo (18) and Mila (16) are from Oakville, Ontario. They are currently apart of the Oakville gymnastics club and have been since their youth. Theis duo to the Canada’s Got Talent stage with their act because acrobatic gymnastics isn’t widely known throughout Canada. Theo and Mila aim to bring exposure to themselves as athletes as well as the sport as a whole.

Ahead of their audition, the duo explained that it was their first time performing in a year and a half due to COVID-19. Backstage, fans were able to see the duos coaches who have shown support through the ups and downs of their career. It was implied that this duo has been training with the coaches since the beginning.

Acrobatic Gymnastic Duo Impress Trish Stratus

Before beginning their performance, Theo and Mila shared that their dream is to perform as part of Cirque Du Soleil. Their dream is to be discovered on the national stage. Theo and Mila began their acrobatic gymnastics performance with a passionate song behind them. As the song worked up to the climax, Theo performed tricks involving Mila flying high above the stage. Each of these tricks got a roar out of the audience.


All of the polished tricks in their routine made it evident that these two have been rehearsing and performing together for quite some time. They made their act look very easy when it definitely isn’t.

After their performance concluded, the audience chanted for them. The judges loved the duo just as much as the audience did. Kardinal Offishall noted that they brought exactly what the judges were looking for in this competition. As soon as it was Stratus’s turn to give the duo notes, it was clear something special was about to happen.

“I knew when I decided to take this seat at the judges table that there would at one point be something so special,” Stratus said. “I knew that I would have the ability to give someone an opportunity and I knew that I would potentially change the trajectory of somebody’s life.”

Stratus hit the Golden Buzzer then rushed to the stage to meet the duo. While talking to the judge, Theo and Mila admitted that they came to the stage wanting to impress her.

Theo and Mila Before Canada’s Got Talent

Ahead of Canada’s Got Talent, this duo had appeared in several gymnastics competitions. They competed and won titles in the mixed pair category of the Pan American U20 Athletics Championships 2017, Vegas Acro Cup 2017, WAGC 2018 World Championships. They duo won gold in their 2017 competitions and 4th place in the World championships.

Other than that, the duo hasn’t shared much about their competition journey on social media. They both began and tried out for the Oakville gymnastics club at a young age. We’re uncertain when they began performing together, but their undeniable on-stage trust makes us believe they’ve performed as a duo for more than five years. Both gymnasts have previously shared their origin story to the group, but have not shared how they became partners.

Theo’s brother was asked to audition to be part of the competitive league, he was brought along and made it past the try outs. Mila on the other hand had been performing at a recreation level before joining the competitive team. She was originally asked to join the group at four years old, but her mother held off from letting her join until she turned six.

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